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Working Areas

As Counselor aboard the USS Tiger, Tobias Brel occupies the Counselor's Office which can be found in the ship's Sickbay complex on Deck 4. The office remains largely unfurnished except for a desk, which is placed against the wall to the left of the room, and two chairs. These are in the center of the room, away from the desk, and angled so that the analyst's chair is at thirty degrees to the client's chair. Tobias hopes to replace this client's chair with a couch and to acquire some books and more decorative items to personalize the space and make it more comfortable.


Located on Deck 3 of the USS Tiger. Brel's quarters are sparsely decorated, largely due to his not bringing many personal effects with him when he was assigned to the Tiger. He does however have a couple of mementos on a shelf over his bed which hold a personal significance for him:

  • A photograph of him with Davina Cairns taken at the Mazurka Festival held in New Berlin on Luna. The picture shows him dressed in traditional Polish dress - the result of a practical joke played on him by his second year roommate, Karol Krawiec.
  • A dedicated paper copy of Admiral Vadosia's work 'Meditations on Mediation' - a farewell gift from the Admiral when Brel left his service.