TIhIroghnI' is the pet miniature targ of Artinus Serinus, and lives on the USS Arrow with him.

USS Arrow
Position Pet
Rank Civilian
Species Miniature Swordback Targ
Gender Female
DOB 239710.10
Age 2
Birthplace Atlas Base, Theta 122
Writer ID C239607AS0


  • Height: 2inches
  • Weight: 3lbs
  • Hair: Black and white short hair


Born to a Klingon family living on Atlas Base, TIhIroghnI' (or 'Flower', in Federation Standard) was the runt of the litter and was being given away in the corridors of the base by the young Klingon daughter of the family. She told Serinus that they couldn't afford to keep the targs, and she was worried the runt would die. Serinus offered to take her and keep her as a pet.

Miniature Swordbacks are said to be very protective of their owners, and make a lifetime bond with only one handler. Their tusks and spikes don't grow as fast as regular hunting targs, though they are still sharp and quite bothersome.

Serinus can often be seen in the corridors of the Arrow walking the tiny targ in her little harness. She always causes quite a stir when she's out for her walkies.

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