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Intelligent Lifeform Index

Four Letter Code TINL
Federation Status Neutral
Planet of Origin Tinall, Freeworlds Region, Par'tha Expanse, Beta Quadrant
Encountered ATL: "Hidden Hand"
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level M
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"Listen, learn, observe, examine, test, repeat."
a Tinalli saying.
The Tinalli are a species of diminutive flightless avian humanoids with a unusual sense of dry humour, so much so that most other species never realize when they are joking. They are also well known scientists and scholars, dedicated to learning and teaching anything and anyone.

Home System

  • Quadrant: Beta
  • Location: Freeworlds Sector (coordinates B29-0001-1296)
  • Proper Name: Tinnaallii system
  • Star: It orbits a class A (White) star
  • Distance from Star: its orbit is approximately 51 million km
  • Companions: It is the 4th of 12 planets in the system
  • Moons: none

Home World

  • Proper Name: Tinall
  • Diameter: 20,667 km (12,842 miles)
  • Gravity: 0.89 standard gravity
  • Axial Tilt: 8.9%, with minimal seasonal changes
  • Orbital Period: 356 days
  • Rotational Period: 22 hours
  • Classification: M
  • Surface Water: 70%
  • Atmosphere: 1.08% is a standard pressure with 73% nitrogen, 25% oxygen, 2% trace chemicals
  • Climate: Mainly a temperate planet, wet and humid.
  • Terrain: it has lots of marshes and sandy swamps
  • Population: Just over 10 billion (roughly half are Tinalli)


Millennia ago near the start of their written history when they were just developing their civilization, the Tinall continents were very unstable; earthquakes and tidal waves were common. Physical possessions were easily lost to disaster, whereas knowledge carried in one's head was safe from calamity. This knowledge enabled them to survive countless problems and allowed them to continue to develop regardless of the many hardships and difficulties they were subjected to. Over time, the emphasis on education and literacy became ingrained in Tinalli culture. When the world stabilized, the tradition continued. As a result knowledge is very important to the Tinalli.

The Tinalli are native to the verdant world of Tinall, which lies on the very edge of the Par'tha Expanse on the Kaen'anti Bypass. Approximately 3,000 years ago their world was visited by a Caraadian scout vessel that surveyed their world. This was their first contact with another species. Fortunately for them they were still too primitive to be of any interest to the Caraadians.

However this contact did spark a major surge in scientific and engineering research. The knowledge that flight was possible, that there were other species living out there in the dark void of space gave their curiosity the jumpstart needed to transform their culture almost overnight.

As a result they were able to advance to the industrial age fairly quickly, even with the last series of natural disasters slowing them down. By this time their planet had settled down, the environment was pleasant and they were able to spread out over their entire world. In less than 2,300 years since their first contact with an alien species they launched their first successful ship into space.

Since then they have become a founding member in the Freeworlds Council, established a reputation for neutrality and as the best location in the region to travel to in order to get a better education.


While they have a unified independent central government they are also a Freeworlds Council Member, something they take seriously.


The Tinalli are diminutive flightless avian humanoids. Unlike most avians, they are born live. They are covered in soft gray feathers, except on the head, which is bare except for a fringe of delicate feathers that cover the back of the head above the large orb-like eyes. Young Tinalli have dusky brown facial plumage which gradually shifts to more colorful coloring as they age.

The condition and color of one's facial plumage plays an important social role in Tinalli society. Elders are highly honored for their colorful plumage, which represents the wisdom that is gained in living a long life. "Show your colors" is a saying used to chastise adults not acting their age.

Tinalli speak "Basic" (English, Federation Standard, etc) with little difficulty, but their high piping voices grate on some species. Others find it charming.


As with most intelligent humanoid species they have a very complex system with specialized organs, and unique hormones, chemicals and enzymes. They are typical humanoids with most of the physical, mental and biological medical problems that seem to plague most humanoids.

Even with the hollow and hence fragile bones of an avian they still cannot fly and this is their most common medical problem, broken bones. Other than this most of their typical medical issues more closely resemble those problems that any avian species has to deal with.


They can be very excitable, with whole groups of them squawking and flapping their arms around in a panic during any major problem or catastrophe. Other than this they have a very analytical mind, one that loves puzzles and all kinds of problems.


They do not seem to have any and as far as any historical records would seem to indicate they never did.


They have a vast array of tales and fables from their earliest days but most other species find them dull, boring and pointless while they find them amusing, entertaining and thought provoking.


Their cities are clean, well laid out, with excellent sanitation, power, recreational, transport, medical and educational facilities. Unfortunately due to their size many of these structures or facilities may be a little crowded for most other species. This does not apply to their tourist or advanced educational facilities which have been constructed with most other species in mind.

There is very little crime and what little there is, is usually handled quickly, efficiently and in a very strict manner. Other than that Tinalli humor is very dry to most other species. So dry, in fact, that many do not realize when the Tinalli are joking.


They have a great admiration for most forms and styles of musical expression even though they have difficulty performing most of them themselves. They also appreciate many different types of artistic expression but do not produce very much of it.

Naming Conventions

Based on observations they all seem to have a common style in regards to the means in which their names are formed. Examples of which are Nav'ca'os'da, Jiv'so'al'ca, Cre'va'no'ba, Fis'ta'mo'ah and Kas'os'ni'ta.


During courtship, the Tinalli male will strut anytime he is near the female he is interested in, showing off to catch her interest. If she indicates that she is interested then they will engage in long intellectual conversations intermixed with as many jokes and puns as possible. If the female believes that the male is a good match, intellectually and physically then and only then will she initiate actual intimate physical contact.


Tinalli are regarded as renowned scholars and scientists, and are very good at figuring out how things work. They jump-started their renowned computer and starship design industries by reverse engineering other companies' products.

Added to this is the fact that the largest research and development facilities anywhere within the Freeworlds council is on their planet, staffed by the best scientific minds in the region and it is no wonder that they are the driving force behind the discovery and development of most new commercial technologies.


Today, Tinall boasts some of the best universities in the sector, which are widely attended by students of many species. This as well as the tranquil beauty of their unspoiled planet has made it a tourist spot for many other species.

Thanks to their semi-neutral status as a member of the Freeworld council they have access to many trade goods and have taken advantage of it to establish a wide network of trade deals. This has bolstered their economy and made it one of the strongest within the Freeworld council.


Partially due to their size and partially due to their temperament they do not make very good soldiers. Also their own history has been one of internal peace and harmony. While they are Independent members of the Freeworld council and take those responsibilities seriously they do not supply any military equipment or manpower as they do not have any.

Their police force is manned by individuals from other species who have been hired to handle the tourist and alien traffic, as well as any other problems that might require police intervention.

Federation Intelligence Files

Members of this species were encountered by the crew of the USS Atlantis on an away mission to Urlista Station in the Aelann system on 238207.26 Members of the crew of the USS Atlantis encountered members of a small colony during their shore leave on Lydor IX on 239507.17. During this encounter the unusual similarity between all of their names was noticed and recorded.


This is an original Starbase 118 species created by the crew of the USS Atlantis.