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The following is OOC information about the next mission. Remember this information is to assist you, the simmer/writer. Your characters may or may not know this information IC. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them on the OOC list or send them to the command staff via a direct OOC.

"The Anomaly"

Beginning Mission Parameters

  • Title: "the Anomaly"
  • Summary:

With the USS Tiger-A docked at Deep Space 17 for extensive repair and refit, the crew has been temporarily assigned to the station. While the crew was enjoying themselves at a New Years Eve party at the Twilight's Edge, the station was rocked by an unexplained shock wave that caused chaos throughout the station by taking the reactors for main power offline and wrecking havoc with the gravity control systems.

While the engineering crew continues to work on getting things back to normal on the station, the rest of the crew has begun investigating a mysterious void in space near the Eratis star. LtCmdr West has taken a trio of runabouts to conduct an up-close investigation of this void. During their approach, two of the runabouts were destroyed by the void as an unknown craft came out of it.

West and Ens Sam Braddock were kidnapped and then replaced by Commonwealth spy's. Upon returning to the station the spy's kidnapped Lt. Commander Alex Blair. They are being held in a Holodeck on a scout ship having test ran on them.

The Queen of Eratis has traveled to Deep Space 17 Operations and has reached out to Counselor Zinna and has traveled beyond our known reality. Fleet Captain Sidney Riley and Lt. Commander Clack have started working on was to help the Queen and to find out what is going on with the Dark Rift at the Eratis Star.

Lt. T’Mihn and Ens. Stevens are working on ways to load science probes with micro warp cores to investigate the rift. The work is moving a little slow due to the visit from the Eratis Queen. Ens. Stevens and Lt. T’Mihn has started to notice something odd with Lt. Commander Ian West.

Lieutenant’s Brayden Jorey and Chloe Mannin have an unknown perpetrator in custody in Sickbay. Lt. Jorey has just placed Deep Space 17 on lock down protocol per Fleet Captain Riley.

The Commonwealth have launched a fleet of ships through the rift. Setting up pods to pull power from the star and construction of a transwarp rift gateway. While Holding West, Blair and Braddock, they are flooding there mines with drugs and changing settings on the holodeck to gain more information on reactions of the human kind.

Meanwhile the USS Tiger-A still is in dry dock awaiting the Slipstream drive to be installed and massive repairs to the ships hull and structure. The Commonwealth wants the slipstream drive. It will make building gateways needless.


Important Information