Tideswell, Jethro

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Lieutenant J.G. Jethro Tideswell, a Terran Security Officer aboard the USS Ronin, has been a Security Officer since the day he graduated from the Academy in June of 2379. He understands the need for violence in some cases and certainly for a defensive department aboard a starship, but he firmly believes that it should only be used as a last resort. He's considered possibly going into the Diplomatic Corps or Command for that very reason, but time and time again he reminds himself of the need for someone to work against the sometimes needlessly violent tendencies of many of today's Security Officers and Enlisted from the inside, especially on a ship with a Klingon Security Officer. He's served on the Ronin so long that he's been given his own office, despite the fact that he has never been given a possition that warrants one. Having served in the Ronin's Security Department longer than anyone else on the ship, he's also earned the nickname "Old Man Jethro" or the "Old Man of Security" despite the fact that he's not all that old chronologically. No one on the ship even remembers who first called him that because it was started long before their time onboard.