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USS Thunders Sickbay

The Thunders sickbay is located on Deck 8 in a centrally located location. It houses a main sickbay area for the general treatment of the Thunders crew, offices for the CMO and Chief Counselor, a small medical lab, and a surgical/recovery area called Med/Surg. In addition to this there is a small physical therapy area and desk space for nursing and medical staff.

Main Sickbay

As one enters sickbay through the main entrance, they can check in at the nursing desk immediately to their left. A small partition separates this desk from a second desk area which is reserved for on duty doctors other than the CMO. This gives them an area to do paperwork as well as hold consultations.

Next to the doctors space is a small physical therapy area for the treatment of chronic musculo-skeletal problems, such as back pain therapy or post-surgery recovery exercises. Through a door in this area one can access a small therapy pool.

Separated from this general area by a short wall is the biobed main treatment area. It includes seven biobeds for treatments. In extreme situations these beds can also serve as surgical beds, although this is not ideal.


Immediately to the right of the entrance is a small lab. Having this lab allows for quick turn around for lab tests, which is critical in emergency situations.

CMOs Office

The CMOs office can be accessed by one of two ways. One way is from Main Sickbay, the second is via a short hallway connecting the Chief Counselors office, CMOs office, and Med/Surg to a side corridor. The office itself is a square room. It contains a desk where the CMO can do paperwork or conduct private consultations. The walls are lined with monitors that allows the CMO to remain in the know with goings on in Sickbay.

In one corner the CMO keeps a dog bed for his dogs. He works many long hours, so having them close helps the time go easier. The Thunders current CMO is UNASSIGNED.

Chief Counselors Office

The CCs office is a round room containing the CCs desk and comfortable chairs where the CC can treat his patients. It also has a wall monitor so he can remain current on the ships mission. The Thunders current CC is UNASSIGNED.


Med/Surg is a very large space. It has two surgical biobeds for surgical operations. Patients can be brought in from Main Sickbay via a connecting door, this saves time during emergency situations. Six biobeds line one wall for patient recovery. These can be assigned to surgical patients or non-surgical patients who need to be treated overnight. Dividers emerge from the wall at the touch of a button to give these patients privacy.

Thunder Deck Layout