Thunder Captain's Quarters

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Executive Quarters

Executive Quarters

The Captain of the USS Thunder has a special Executive Quarters located on Deck 8. These quarters are larger and much more luxurious than a Senior Officer's Quarters due to the high rank of those residing there. Standard of such accommodation:

Separate bedroom, with a large fluffy bed. A separate living and working area including; food replicator, personal holographic viewer, Workdesk with LCARS access and provisions for pets. A large separate bathroom, with an ultrasonic shower and old-fashioned water shower and/or bathtub.

Captain Turners Quarters

Captain Turner holds a rare position as she not only has an active Command, but leads an active family life at the same time. For this matter the Executive Quarters assigned to Captain Turner are substantially larger to house the entire family comfortably and still be able to work at home.

The warmly decorated living room has an area an for her children to play, a corner for Jax's pillow bed, a standard replicator, a fully functional kitchen for preparation of real meals and an inviting lounge with an over stuffed couch, three easy chairs and a coffee table. A few of side tables decorated with flowers and trinkets at the walls and number of decorative plants that round the homely feeling up.

Around the centered living room is the bathroom and the 3 bedrooms her Quarters has to offer; a small, yet decent affair for the nanny, the children's own toy strewn bedroom and the Master Bedroom, opposite which a small, yet serviceable office is installed, so that captain Turner can quickly respond to any Starfleet concerns that may interrupt family life. The bathroom contains a converted ultrasonic/water shower unit, normal utilities and an old-fashioned corner bathtub with a water connection.

Thunder Deck Layout