Thunder's Residential Apartments

Crew Quarters

Enlisted Crew's Residential Apartments
Crew Quarters

Standard Living Quarters are provided for both Starfleet Non-Commissioned Officers and Crewmen. Due to the limited space, these persons are expected to share their room with other crew members.

After six months service aboard the Thunder, crew members are permitted to bring family aboard the ship and a slightly larger room is allocated to them.

Enlisted crewmembers share quarters with up to 4 others. Accommodations include 2 bedrooms with twin beds, connected by a central living/work area. A separate washroom with ultrasonic shower is located off of each bedroom. A food replicator and a personal holographic viewer are located in the living area. Pets are not allowed to enlisted crew.

Crewmen can request that their living quarters be combined to create a single larger dwelling.

Thunder Deck Layout