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Holodeck A

The thought of being so close to Brikar yet so far was starting to get him in a funk, so he made the decision to go for a climb on the Holodeck just to get things back in prospective::

The holoprogram was one of his favorites but he had not used it in a while, it was just a short hike to the red rock formation that jetted up in the air about 200 meters, and then it was a walk on the rock face for another couple of kilometers with wonderful view of the nature parks on Brikar.::

Eerie was wearing his jump suit, with the hiking boots, and had a backpack on him. He put his hand on the red rock and looked upwards, perhaps another 25 meters or so before the first plateau, he had brought one of his favorites for dinner, a few Starfleet ration bars, and a flask of Tranya, there was a slight breeze, as the temperature was about 30 degrees centigrade.::

oO (Eerie) At least he had gotten to the quarters and did not have to deal with Blackwood before hand……. Kind of cool for today, but the computer was set on random, oh well Oo

Eerie was about 30 meters up, and moving in a roughly circular path up the hill side::

oO (Eerie) What a wonderful view, you can see the valleys where the crops were showing in the sun, and off to the left there was the settlement of Veeda,Oo

Evanna had been having quite a good day, she enjoyed a good long shower where she liked to think as well as get ready for a good days work. It made up for having to wake up to the rancid smell that Eerie’s breakfast gave off every morning. The bungling blockhead had slits on its face that should have been a nose, however given its apparent lack of a sense of smell it must be something different, maybe even "decorative"...? She liked trading insults with Eerie, it didn't seem to have much to say about it, in fact it didn't seem to care anyway. ::
Evanna had just finished a session at the gym and was about to go check in with the doctor. She was walking past an occupied holodeck when she noticed it was open for anyone to join. Being the nosey sort she went to see what was going on, after all if she didn't like it, she didn't have to stay. ::

Evanna entered the holodeck, moved through it in an effort to find out who was using it. She had never been anywhere like this, the views were spectacular. Evanna hadn't gone far when she saw a familiar site. :: oO Fancy that it's my bestest buddio... Lemmie get his attention then. hahaha. Oo

Blackwood picked up a little pebble and threw it as hard as she could directly at Eerie. She didn't plan to hurt him, well not badly. She just wanted to get his attention. The first couple of rocks missed, landing near him. ::

There was a noise, that he was not sure about, he had set the parameters of the program, and it was very unlikely that the computer had put any one else in the program. Just a rock falling::

Blackwood picked up and threw another pebble, this time striking him on the back of the neck. Blackwood was curious to see whether he actually felt it or not. ::

Eerie felt something, on the back of his neck, he thought it might be rain, but there wasn’t a cloud in the sky so he turned his head around and looked up, and there wasn’t anything there, they he peeked downward:

oO ((Eerie))What about a bad day? I must be cursed, there that red-headed jack…rabbit, its Blackwood……more like supernova..ready to destroy anything or anyone in her path Oo

Eerie: What the ………?oO ((Eerie))Keep it civil, what sort of idiot throws rocks at peopleOo

Blackwood watched Eerie turn around, as though in slow motion. A sly grin spread across her face and she waved vigorously to him as though he would not see her standing there without the furious gesturing. ::

Blackwood: BUSTER!!!! Hi! What you doing?

oO: ((Eerie))It is pretty apparent that I am climbing, perhaps she is dense as well, there is that wonderful insult again Oo

Eerie: Climbing, …..Ensign….

Blackwood: Huh?

oO ((Eerie))Hard of hearing as well as dense Oo

Eerie: Climbing!, what are you doing here…?.oO Relax, this one is denser that one at the academyOo

Blackwood: Uh, ah well the door was open so I just, well kinda wandered in to...::sheepish:: be social....

oO((Eerie)) Why, Why did I not lock to doorOo

Eerie: Why are you throwing rocks at me? Blackwood…….::Trying not to raise his voice, but the he could feel the pressure starting to built::

Blackwood: Well jeez, it wiz hardly a boulder! Look at you... surely you've had tougher blows. You're a rock. I mean it wiz a totsy pebble - if it's that much of a big deal to you.. i mean... it's pathetic...

oO One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Breath,……Oo

Eerie: What do you want?

Blackwood had already started to climb up the red rocks, with a speed that was just short of amazing,::

Blackwood: Uhh, well can I join you? or not... ::grinning:: coz I can appreciate if being in the presence of such talent and beauty is too much for you to handle. Maybe you are afraid if I touch you that you will turn to stone forever? Eerie statues. Yeah I think I have space for you on my patio...

Blackwood bounds forward and flicks Eerie right between the eyes and then bounces back out the way before he can even think about grabbing her. ::

oO ((Eerie)) My gosh, ………what did I do to deserve her…..I wish the Tranya had some alcohol in it I would start to drink it right here and now…….what do I do now?, be nice, be nice …..I would … if …no demerits….I must have target painted on my back.Oo

Eerie: ((breathing heavily)) OK..

oO Why did you say that? ….Because she wouldn’t of listened anyways… what stones she has…….Oo

They climbed to the first plateau, which had just room for the both of them, and Eerie looked out over the beautiful country side, full of beautiful vistas, and the air was a chilly 30 degrees centigrade , but it was beautiful.::

Eerie : How do you like Brikar?

Blackwood : :: Smiling nicely:: Actually, i'm really glad you invited me in. It's truely spectacular! We should do this more often. :: Enthusiastic gestures:: I look forward to seeing some more. Quite hot you know, but I like that, makes my body work harder. Shoulda brought some wa'er or summat though...

They both stared at the country side, for a while and after a few minutes::

oO ((Eerie))Time to take the bull by the hornsOo

Eerie : What is it that ….do you really dislike me that much …Evanna?

- to be continued -

Joint Simm

by LT jg Eerie

Tac Officer

USS Aurora


Ensign Evanna Blackwood

Science Officer

USS Aurora