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Threa'ya is ruled by a loose matriarchal styled society and government. This is really only represented in their family cast system and by the ruling force which is built of a council of eight female leaders with an empress serving as leader of the military. The Empress in this system has little more power than a general would in other systems, but she is also viewed as a sort of divine presence as she is blessed by their god of war and peace. It is believed that no matter how hard the battle is, so long as the empress is alive their army will eventually prevail. The eight council leaders are in turn the rulers of their respective territories and the heads of the most powerful and longest-ruling family bloodlines on the planet.

In the past males were treated as less capable and less intelligent than females. Religious practices such as worship of the divine and daily temple offerings were much more important to society. While the traditions and stigmas of the past do still form the foundation of Threan life, such beliefs and practices are losing their strength and appeal within modern Threan society.

Although a relatively peaceful people the Threans are a very proud warrior race, having developed several forms of martial arts. And while not as warlike as the Human's in their past the Threans have plenty of bloody history having only cast aside war and unified as a species one hundred years ago.

Threan culture is in a sort of renaissance on the home-world. The ruling empires of their world came together and peace was established world-wide around one hundred years ago. There are still some conflicts born of differing religious and family ideals and beliefs, but these cases are often small and quickly contained.

Diet, and Export Goods


The Threan diet consists mostly of water, tea, fruits, nuts, grains, and fish. Threans do not drink milk after infancy and have never consumed the milk of another creature as a regular staple. They have domesticated animals that could be compared to the Terran chicken, deer, and cow but this meat is expensive in the market and is generally only eaten by wealthy classed individuals and families, or during ceremonies, event's, and holidays.

  • Rice makes up 60% of the average Threan diet. They have over eighty varieties of rice and rice like grains.

Export Goods

Threans boast what is presumably the widest variety of tea's, smoke's, spices, incense, and coffee in the known galaxy; all derived from their planets thousands of tree and grass species.

  • They produce a small variety of alcohol, but Threan tolerance is low to the substance and most Threan alcohol is only 15% and lower in strength, most of which is derived from rice.

Religion, and Ceremonies

Threans have a small and loosely practiced religious system that serves as the dominant religion in their society, and it has for the last two thousand years. In this religion, there are only three gods.

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Threan Pantheon

  • Tospa Mulli the goddess of life and love, it is believed that Tospa Mulli found Threa'ya when it was young and used her powers to bring about all the life now found there.
  • Gemonda Doma The god of chaos and order, it is believed that the god of chaos and order is in constant conflict and it this conflict that causes disastrous events and miracles to occur all over the universe.
  • Sigitu Rota The goddess of war and peace, it is believed that Sigitu is the youngest goddess and is responsible for gifting knowledge to the Threan people.

Threan Ceremonies

WIP The Threans also have many ceremonies associated with religious and family practice.