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Threan History

Planetary History

While their modern documented history can only be traced back to around 8000 years ago, there is sufficient archeological evidence that their race evolved on their planet and was among the first beings to exist on their planet. Threan stone tablets and scripture point to the development of written language and record keeping around 50,000 years ago. Their world has been lucky in that it has only had climate changing events, such as the ice age, twice in the entire length of time that life has existed on it. The earliest fossil evidence points to the plant of Threa'ya being approximately 1,780,637 years old, and the early ancestors that evolved to become the Threan people first appeared around 1,023,530 years ago. Their planets development, as well as the evolution of its many species, has been extremely rapid when compared to the aged and extensive process that the planet Earth saw in its development.

  • The first event was the splitting of their supercontinent into two major land masses that remained connected in the southern region. The split happened when an underground supervolcano exploded and caused a chain reaction of quakes and storms. This event took place around 1,005,680 years ago when the Threan race was primitive and still evolving.
  • The second major event of this nature was a short ice age caused by sudden volcanic activity filling the air with thick smoke and gas. This ice age event came close to wiping out the Threans ancestors but enough of the species survived to see clear sky's and were able to keep their race going. This event took place roughly 700,456 years ago and led to the extinction of thousands of species in this world including many forms of plant life. This led to an explosion of insect, reptile, and amphibian species as well as a huge increase in grass and tree species.

World History. It is not entirely clear how the Threan ancestors survived this event, but evidence suggests that the grasses and trees of their world helped to filter out the ash and gases quickly and the world suffered little damage as a result.

World History

Prehistoric History

50,000 years ago the first stone tablets and wall paintings point to a diverse tribal society that worshiped spirits and the forces of nature. Archeological evidence points the existence of as many as five thousand individual tribes spread across the entire globe at this time in their history.

23,500 years ago evidence suggests that the introduction of goddesses and other divine or evil beings came about in this era. Several large tribal kingdoms began to form and agricultural practice was being adopted across all regions.

Between 19,000 and 15,000 years ago there was much bloodshed and war between the Threan tribes as lesser tribes were conquered by kingdom tribes and powerful forces clashed over territory and resources.

  • During these time frames the Threan people recorded only the major events of their history, choosing to focus on fables and schematics in their art and primitive writings. Much of this early material is lost or damaged.

Midieval History

Approximately 14,000 years ago Threa'ya experienced a period of peace between its early medieval stage kingdoms and society. This period saw the rise of such materials as tempered and alloyed metal, paper, and fine cloths. This peace lasted for 2000 years until it was broken by the unification of three major kingdoms and the subsequent war for dominance over the world ensued.

Starting 12,000 years ago the Threans saw repeated periods of war for the next 3000 years, as these kingdoms slowly conquered and destroyed resisting kingdoms. The end of this prolonged period of world war came about when eight great kingdoms out of the dozen remaining united and struck a blow to the invading forces that crippled the three kingdoms and allowed for the eventual re-capture of territory and their fall. This period caused a rapid development of scientific practice and understanding.

The next 4 thousand years saw little in the way of major events. They had many small-scale wars, and kingdoms rose, changed, and fell regularly. In this time their entire world was explored and mapped out by adventurers. This led to the development of the sea and space program around three thousand years ago. Very little progress was made in the sea and space program in the first two thousand years it operated. This program funded and researched all aspects of astronomy, astrophysics, and physics, but made far more headway in the exploration and sciences of the sea.

Modern History

8000 years ago the current system of language, documentation, and religion was established. Over the next 7000 years, the Threan people were able to develop themselves into the technological age quickly.

200 years ago the warp engine was invented and the Threans began to explore and colonize space. After 100 hundred years of colonizing and exploration, the Threans encountered their first alien race, the Qiz'rith. The Qiz'rith is a fearsome and uniquely evolved race of space-dwelling insectoids. They are limited in intelligence, but are capable of organized hunting and assaults and their ability to survive and reproduce in nearly any environment including the vacuum of space makes them extremely difficult to defeat.

In the last 100 years, the Threans have unified as a single empire and formed a strong military force.

War with the Qiz'rith

The Threans first encountered the Qiz'rith in the sectors that soon after became labeled with letter's instead of numbers, to distinguish them from Threan territory. In sectors A, B, and C Threan explorers and colonists encountered Qiz'rith swarms while investigating solar systems and asteroid fields. The Threans suffered major casualties and the sectors were soon declared war zones and Threan military forces were posted in the adjacent sectors 17, 18, and 19. Since then the Threans have used systems of probes to explore sectors before entering them and with this tactic, they have located the majority of Qiz'rith hive locations and have marked the sector's under Qiz'rith "control".