Thor Marine Detachment

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The USS Thor has a detachment of Starfleet Marines permanently assigned to the crew complement of the ship.


On order, the Marine Detachment, U.S.S. Thor will . . .

1. Augment USS Thor Tactical departments
2. Support USS Thor Security in repelling borders
3. Seize control of adversary space craft through boarding action
4. Train allies and proxy forces in the conduct of armed conflict
5. Deny adversary space craft freedom of maneuver in vicinity critical infrastructure and assets
6. Secure critical infrastructure and assets against adversary ground attack

. . . in order to preserve freedom of operations of the U.S.S. Thor and prevent undue loss of life and equipment.

Table of Organization

Marine Detachment, U.S.S. Thor

The USS Thor has an assigned detachment of 59 Starfleet Marines. The actual strength on hand varies from time to time due to leave, injuries, and vacancies. The detachment consists of two platoons overseen by a headquarters element.

First platoon consists of two infantry squads. Each squad consists of three team of four Marines led by a Marine Sergeant. The Marines are skilled in

1. Close combat
2. Visit board search and seize (VBSS)
3. Other related combat tasks

Second platoon consists of the detachment's specialists. A senior Combat Medic and a senior Combat Engineer provide the detachment with subject matter expertise on their respective fields while a squad of heavy weapons specialists operate ground based anti-space weapons.

1. The Combat Medic provides training and support to the USS Thor on battlefield medicine and expeditionary trauma care.
2. The Combat Engineer provides the USS Thor engineering staff with expertise on expeditionary fabrication, mobility operations, and counter-mobility operations.
3. The squad of heavy weapons specialists operate 3 ground based quantum torpedo launchers and a ground based shield battery.

A spacecraft detachment provides the USS Thor with the craft and crew to man and repair up to four small craft at a time. The detachment consists of four flight crews and a maintenance detachment. The space craft detachment additionally augments the USS Thor's auxiliary craft complement with four Valkyrie class fighters and two Argo class shuttles.

1. The flight crews provide the USS Thor with pilots highly trained in anti-fighter operations, atmospheric operations, anti-ship operations, close air support, and combat transport.
2. The maintenance detachment provides Valkyrie and Argo maintenance experts as well as augments USS Thor engineering to reduce the burden of the additional man-hours required to maintain the additional small craft.

Table of Equipment

The Marine Detachment provides it's own organic equipment to enable independent operations without requiring support from the USS Thor's standard equipment. Specifically the detachment carries enough equipment to arm all Marines for combat operations, establish a ground based anti-ship position, and operate and maintain small craft from the USS Thor. Most Marine equipment is stored on the Marine Deck on Deck 9 or in Cargo Bay 2 on Deck 12.

Marine Detachment Equipment Density List
Marine Armory, Deck 9
1. 60 Rifle, Type III-C Phaser
2. 60 Pistol, Type II-D Phaser
3. 10 Rifle, TR-116 Projectile
4. 60 Knife, Combat
5. 60 Tricorders, Combat
6. 60 Sets, Combat Armor
7. 10 Sets, Armored Flight Suits
8. 60 Sets, Armored EV Suits

Cargo Bay 2, Deck 12
1. 3 Launchers, Ground Based Quantum Torpedo
2. 2 Sets, Industrial Fabrication Replicator
3. 2 Sets, Ground Based Shield Emitter
4. 2 Sets, Dolamide Power Generator

Main Shuttle Bay, Deck 7
1. 4, Valkyrie class Fighters
2. 4 Pods, External Warp Field Generators
3. 4 Pods, External Impulse Engine Boosters
4. 2 Pods, External Sensor Array
5. 2 Pods, External Electronic Countermeasure Stores
6. 12 Pods, External Torpedo Rails
7. 12 Pods, External Phaser Pulse Cannon Stores
8. 2 Sets, Maintenance Tool Kit

Shuttle Bay 2, Deck 12
1. 2 Argo Class Shuttles
2. 1 Set, Maintenance Tool Kit

Detachment History and Achievements

The Marine Detachment of the USS Thor was assembled from the 4th Battailion, 73rd Marine Regiment formerlly assigned to the Federation Embassy of Duronis II. 4/73 has a storied history of defending Duronis II against multiple hostile incursions of both the Romulans and Klingons. After the Luadean government was formerally accepted into the Federation, the Embassy's mission was deemed complete and the USS Thor, formerly an auxillary ship of the Embassy, was retasked to a new mission.

With the reassignment of the 4/73'd, a core complement of the battalion's Marines were reassigned to the USS Thor on stardate 239704.19.