Thomas Prendar

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USS Athena
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Thomas Prendar
Position Intelligence
Rank Commander
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 235902.28
Age 38
Birthplace New Odyessy, Mars
Writer ID V238008N10

Commander Thomas Prendar is currently serving as a Intelligence Operative somewhere in the Alpha Quadrant.


  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 166lbs
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Gray
  • Build: Slim


Due to his nature of being an inquisitive and hard pressing agent, Thomas is not known for having a lot of friends. He is more recognized as an antagonist among many crews. Listed here are a few friends and well-known enemies.

Met aboard the USS Constitution, the two hit it off well in the intelligence interrogation. Ever since their encounter, she has reached out to him a few times for favors and help with different assignments.

David Cody is a unique individual, both intelligence officers with a lot of experience, both seem to be on the same side though Cody is quite interested in the secret that Thomas has.

Having first encountered the Bajoran on the USS Constitution, the two have hated each other since. Thomas sees her as a dangerous character who should be jailed. The two are always at each other's throats when they are together.

Personal History

Born to Jacob and Sylvie Prendar, Thomas had an innate love for engineering due to his father being a mechanical engineer assigned to the New Odyssey domes. Being a smaller section of Mars and considered by most standards as "rural", he was able to go with his father to work when he was old enough to walk. Having a fascination with engineering followed him through his teenage years and right into Starfleet Academy.

Career History

His career in engineering would not be as in his second year of the academy, he wound up in the middle a Venus drug sting when three of his comrades began dealing the dangerous substance off campus. Starfleet Intelligence approached him and asked for his help in finding the ringleaders.

After a one year operation, the whole entire ring was arrested and because of how he handled himself undercover, SFI offered him a position with him. Deciding that it could be fun, Thomas joined. Being transferred to SFI training headquarters, a sub-section of Starfleet Academy, Thomas Prendar continued his studies as an engineer but also learned about the nature of the spy business. Their goal was to introduce him to HUMINT counter-intelligence officer in a clandestine role.

To everybody on the outside, Thomas graduated Starfleet Academy with a decent GPA and was stationed aboard the USS Immortal. His job was to investigate the ship for a possible mole to the Orion Syndicate. In the end, Thomas was able to find the mole, but there were a few deaths involved and his cover as an agent was blown.

His next assignment was as an intelligence officer to Janus VI to investigate and monitor the personnel there and their relations with the Horta. There had been reports of miners siphoning off resources with duped Horta borers and it was affecting the quality of Pergium being exported to the nearby sector.

This mission turned out to be a turning point in his career when he was in Tunnel 83-B, he was spying on the ringleaders plotting their next move and they brought in a young woman who had discovered their plan. Before they could slit her throat as planned and burn her body (to blame it on the Horta), Thomas chose to use his phaser to kill them before they could carry it out.

Later Starfleet Security caught the rest of the band and the "assassin" was never found. Feeling guilty for taking a life but firm in his belief there was no other alternative, Thomas relayed all that had transpired to SFI so that he could be punished by the Intelligence branch.

Instead, they transferred him to New Symphony colony for intense training as an operative. Thomas discovered that his decision making was not flawed and that it was rare to find men and women who could make a conscious choice to take matters into their hands while maintaining the moral caliber needed for those decisions. Starfleet did not take killing lightly and SFI wanted to train him to be an operative and use him in situations where judgment was the most important.

Since then, Thomas Prendar has been transferred to different ships and installations while given a high degree of freedom to investigate any case he felt had security and intelligence implications.

Service History

Service Record
Insignia Rank Ship From To Position
Ensign USS Immortal 238102.01 238205.22 Engineering Officer
Lieutenant JG Janus VI Colony 238206.01 238308.14 Intelligence Officer
Lieutenant New Symphony Colony 238310.01 238312.25 Intel Operative Training
Lt. Commander Classified 238401.01 239307.01 Intel Operative
Commander USS Athena-A 239307.01 239401.03 Intel Operative
Commander 239401.03 Intel Operative

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