Thomas Janeway/Personal Log

Janeway's Personal Logs
Log Title Stardate Log Body
Arriving on the USS Atlantis 239112.10 As a new ensign aboard the USS Atlantis, I must report to the Captain about the whereabouts of the ship. I plan to be efficient, dedicated, and professional at all times.
Unqualified Officers 239112.24 The ship that I am on seems sufficient for what I will need. We are on a mission inspecting a time rift in space, yet Lt. Mattingly doesn't seem to understand anything about computers. I suppose that this is what an engineer is for. I will do my best to help anyone in need - when they need it.
Recovery 239201.05 Today I went to visit the Chief Engineer, Lt. Gwen Gardener. She appears to have been through some sort of injury, but as I have just met her and was not there at the time of the accident, I do not know what type of accident she was involved in. I truly hope that as a fellow engineer she and I will be able to understand eachother.
Logic and Confusion 239201.05 (ENCRYPTED LOG) Today I experienced a sensation which shouldn't occur for another two years. I began to think of the young woman I loved on Vulcan, K'Pek, and to wish to be with her. I hope that this is only temporary. After all, the time rift may have had unusual effects on me. The symptoms will probably dissipate in a few days.
A Crushed Replicator 239201.06 (ENCRYPTED LOG) The symptoms have gotten worse. I became ANGRY earlier and physically assaulted my personal replicator in my quarters. I do not have time to fix it, but I will as soon as possible. Maybe I should visit sickbay.
Party Crasher 239201.14 THIS LOG HAS BEEN DELETED
Serving Time 239201.16 It has finally come down to prison. Not exactly a Federation penitentiary, but I still lie behind a forcefield. Whatever it takes I will maintain dignity, respect, and honor. I will not allow this to be the end of my career, nor allow it to be a cause for demotion. Let this be a lesson to those behind me. (THE FOLLOWING TEXT IS ENCRYPTED) Never go through Pon Farr without one of these three things:

1. A Vulcan Master 2. A Mate 3. A sickbay with a specific hormonal lowering hypospray. I made the mistake of having neither of those three.

A Talk with the Captain 239201.17 I was able to talk to the captain today. I was very surprised at the fact that he didn't seem upset when he came in. This is odd because:

a. I fought with two officers of higher rank than me b. I seriously injured one of those officers c. He's already had a depressed/angry disposition over the last few days. So, when he came in calm and orderly, no anger on his face, I was shocked. Eventually he told me something that I can't believe that he would do. (THE FOLLOWING TEXT IS ENCRYPTED) THIS PORTION OF THE LOG HAS BEEN DELETED

Court Martial 239202.01 As of now, I have been relieved of duty, my quarters stripped from me, and my security clearance revoked. I am being escorted by a security officer to the location of my court martial. If anything, I must quote from one of the greatest Vulcans of all - Spock. "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few." I have realized that my departure is for the greater good of Starfleet, as well as the Atlantis. I would like to thank everyone who helped me in my quest for knowledge and growth, and may you all Live Long and Prosper. (END FINAL LOG ENTRY - THOMAS KODY JANEWAY - USS ATLANTIS - NCC-74682)