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Kael Thomas is currently the proprietor of Kael's Garage in Ravensville.

Kael Thomas owns the garage, which is the sole garage and service station in town. He’s been in the town a long time and as a result his skills are well known in the community. He gets a lot of repeat business and everyone knows there’s no better place to top up or have your vehicle repaired. He has a tendency to sleep over in the garage if there’s a lot of work to be done and prefers to oversee all repair jobs himself as far as possible.

Kael is a solid and reliable man whom the townfolk know they can trust to get their cars and anything else they need fixed. Kael grew up in the town, and even though his parents moved away, he has no intention of moving on from here. Kael is well liked in the town, and he realises the importance of that to his business now, and into the future.

While he's a mechanic, he's been known to tinker with anything he can and is also a qualified electrictan. He's been pulling apart and putting back together everything since he was a young boy. His twin brother Anthony, while similar to Kael, ended up in the Army as a mechanic. He hasn't seen him for some time, but does email and so forth when time permits them both.

Kael has owned the Garage, after buying it from Taylor. An old man, who mentored Kael in his apprenticeship, and passed away last year. Kael attributes most of what he knows about business and how to be a good boss from him. He was fair, and expected nothing from anyone else, that he wasn't prepared to do. A picture of his boss, currently hangs in the office.

A physical person, Kael in his spare time, likes to work out at the Gym. He is also a football coach at the local school, and plays in the local team. He also runs a short course at the school, teaching kids basic Maintenance of cars. As much a giving back to the community exercise, as it is extra exposure for his business.

Despite his positive nature, Kael finds it hard to maintain a relationship short, or long term. He is developing a growing tendency to drink too much. Whether at the club, or at home. It's something Kael knows is a problem, but something he's not prepared to change either.

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