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Ranks of the Tholian Assembly

Though the majority of Tholians do not wear a rank as their leadership position was based on their attitude and color pattern, the Tholian Assembly did have a set of ranks so when they were among other races their position could be better easily recognized.

Tholian Ranks
Insignia Rank Starfleet Equivalent
Tholian-Grand Admiral.jpg
Grand Admiral A senior flag officer, equivalent to fleet admiral
Admiral A flag officer, equivalent to admiral
Commander A senior officer, equivalent to captain or commander
Lieutenant A mid-level officer, equivalent to lieutenant commander or lieutenant
Ensign A junior officer, equivalent to lieutenant junior grade or ensign
Warrior The lowest rank, composed of the warrior caste and equivalent to crewman.
Tholian society is strictly segregated based on caste, and the Tholian military is no different. Members of the warrior caste make up the bulk of the military, but only members of the leadership caste serve as officers. In addition, specialists from other castes such as healers, scientists, and engineers serve within the military but only at the lowest officer ranks.

Background Note

The pips above are from, and have been renamed to conform with only those ranks seen onscreen or listed in the novels (Memory Beta). The junior ranks of ensign and lieutenant are also used in Star Trek Online and are included here. That game also includes the rank of captain, but as TOS and the various TOS novels have consistently used the rank of commander for starship commanding officers, that is the captain equivalent used here.'

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