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To the Senior Staff of the USS Ronin,

Tess, as the AI on the USS Achilles prefers to be called, is an interesting persona. The most accurate comparison to her personality is that of a human teenager. She appears to be strong willed, impulsive, and prone to what could be called "emotional outbursts". She has chosen to image herself, through a hologenerator, as a petite blonde woman. During a relatively brief encounter with her, she rapidly destroyed or incapacitated three Grendellai ships, transported multiple Grendellai combatants off of the Ronin into outer space, and transported Lt. Cmdr. Brice from the Achilles to a shielded Warp Nacelle on the Ronin. Except for these incidents, she showed kindness and hospitality to the away team. She appears to love the freedom from authority, rules, and regulations that she has experienced during the years that she has been operating outside Starfleet jurisdiction.

Tess uses body language and speech to convey a sense of control and authority over whatever situation she encounters. She doesn't hesistate to utilize an opportunity to show off her capabilites. It is my belief that Tess either percieves herself as inadequate in some way or believes that others percieve her as inadequate. Much of what she does appears to be motivated by an attempt to disprove this sense of inferiority. She seems to be seeking approval and affirmation from those around her, particularly those with some sort of authority. Like many teenagers, she may be trying to prove that she is a competent, autonomous "adult."

Many teenagers are social creatures, eager to build and maintain friendships and relationships with others. Even those who see themselves as "loners" frequently seek out others like them to form small social groups with. Tess responded positively to the suggestion that the Ronin crew could provide company. She said that she sometimes found herself craving interation with others, although this in itself was not a sufficient reason for her to aid the Ronin's mission. This social aspect may be an avenue to use in convincing her to aid the Ronin's mission.

Of most concern is Tess' unpredictability. As noted above, she frequently uses excessive force, and is easily provoked. This poses potential problems for anyone who boards the USS Achilles, and for any ships in her viscinity. She may percieve small incidents as challenges to her capabilities or slights against her and react accordingly. Care may be required to avoid any of these occurrences. I reccommend avoiding overt assertions of authority, challenges to her autonomy, or other direct confrontations. Tess should be referred to as a person not a thing, including the use personal pronouns such as "she", "her", and "you" (when appropriate), rather than "it." When she earns it, approval and admiration ought to be given, but the appearance of "patronizing" should be avoided.

Because she appears to be intent on proving herself, it may be effective to present the mission as a challenge or quest. Whatever is offered must be attractive enough to counterbalance her percieved loss of freedom from taking on or working closely with a Starfleet crew. Above all, great caution must be taken in working with her. While she poses immense risk, she may still be a profitable ally in the search for a cure for Captain Mar's illness.

Signed, Karynn Ehlanii
Ship's Counselor
USS Ronin