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Baylen Anders helped Theo Whittaker find an Apartment on the Promenade, in the New York District. The Unit is one of the tower buildings that houses a few restaurants, bars, shopping centers and an Art Gallery on the lower floors. Theo lives on the 35th floor of the Building in unit 7502. Each floor has only four units, there located from floors 5 to 35 with a roof top pool and bar on the 36th floor. Theo's Apartment is a penthouse offering one of four double level level living spaces on the 35th and 36th floors

The Main Room

The Opening of the Apartment comes into a foyer, with a glass table next to the door and the hall that leads into the living room. The floors are hardwood with white walls. The furniture matches the walls in a white tones with wooden ascents. The main room is vast and an open air design. There is a large seating area in the main living room with views out onto the Promenade and the 118 Lake. Theo can use the sitting area for a more casual get together and staff meeting. The Windows are smart glass, and can frost over or be changed into a Video LCARS system. The Main loft is propped up but round columns that are both for function and style. They flip open to a hidden weapons locker and emergency kit storage trunk.

The dinning room room has two functions, one as a formal dinning space to entertain VIP and station guest, or Officers. And the other is a place to hold a more professional staff meeting away from a normal briefing room The table top is a smart silicone that mimic a hard wood but can transform into a work station with LCARS keypads and display screens and holo projection technology. Making this room ideal for staff meetings when needed.

The Living Room

The living room has door that leads out onto the rap around balcony. There is also a large Silver sculpture that was made by Basil as a gift to the Stations new First Officer. The unit has a great view of the 118 Lake and the different districts around it, being right on the water front. Theo has a few different coffee table books on his glass coffee table. Along with a few different bowls and sculptures. The Sofa's and chairs are over stuffed and a four ply memory foam for maximum comfort. The other two arm chairs are my designer chairs from Betazed. There is a tower speaker nest to the balcony door that can play wonderful music from the Stations library.

The Balcony

The Balcony has great seating, and a wonderful view. The teak hardwoods and the glass railing really set off the balcony. It is another place Theo can have a morning Staff Meeting with Key Department head over coffee and a lite meal before making his morning reports to the Commanding Officer. The view looks like it goes on for miles, when in fact the ski and the outer views are part of the Domes Holo Matrix and prospective programming.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen is behind the dinning room with a pass through bar to the dinning room. It also has a door way to the balcony from the kitchen, making it easy to refresh drinks, coffee and teas. The Replicator is hidden in the kitchen to make it more steam lined with the flow of the apartment.

The kitchen is also set up to do real cooking in and has a wine chiller located next to the sink. There are also mood lights set into ceiling above the counter that can be adjusted and changed to different colors. The breakfast Bar in the kitchen can seat four on the bar stoles. The Rear wall has a display screen where Theo can watch the FNS while having breakfast before leaving for the Hub.

The Bedroom

Theo's Bedroom is on the second level of the Apartment, it has a small private Balcony and a sliding glass door out onto it. The bed is a nice large king sized pillow top. The room it self has two night stands with reading lamps a desk with personal LCARS Station and a Display System to watch video feeds on.

The Dresser is found in walk-in-closet. There is a good next to the bed that leads to a small hall. The closet is behind the bed and past that is the master bath. The bathroom has both a Large Glass shower with half level frosted glass, so you can have a view while showering and an over sized garden tub set into a bay style window. The room also has double sinks.

The other ends of the upper floor has a guest room that is similar in style to Theo's room and guest bath. With the stairs and landing between to the two rooms.