The Woods Tell No Lies (Challenger)

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((Omega Scientific Space Station ))

::Commander Paul Ringer had finished his evening meal and had gone back to his office on the Omega station to check on the progress of the asteroid when a call came for him.::

T'Pen: =/\=This is Captian T'Pen of the Federation Starship, CHALLENGER.=/\=

Ringer:=/\= Commander Paul Ringer at your service Captain. How may I help you?=/\= T'Pen:=/\=We're en-route to the asteroids tail, Dr. We should be there in a little under 30 hours.=/\=

Ringer:=/\=Excellent, then you are in range of the asteroid, I trust. =/\=

T'Pen:=/\=Our preliminary scans of the Asteroid, has detected a second, almost identical in size and speed. We aren't sure at the moment if the second is just a ghost signal or an actual twin. We're running diagnostics now.=/\=

Ringer:=/\= Most likely it's a shadow. We haven't had any indications of there being two of them. When do you estimate you'll be at the planet?=/\=

T'Pen:=/\=We have high hopes of being able to collect enough data on the asteroid or asteroids and be able to make planetfall by tomorrow.=/\=

Ringer:=/\= That should give you plenty of leeway, but in the meanwhile send me the results of your scans, and I'll look them over. Anything is possible, Captain, and I won't discount your data unless I have a look at it first. =/\=

T'Pen: =/\=We'll send you a continuous feed, as we get more details Dr. That's all I can promise.=/\=

Ringer:=/\=Fair enough, Captain... ::hesitating:: Captain, I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that our latest data picked up a Vorta shuttle near the planet two days ago. We haven't picked up anything since. We didn't pick up a starship of any kind, but I won't say there isn't one cloaked out there. =/\=

T'Pen:=/\=Understood. CHALLEGER out.=/\= ::Ringer sat in his chair for a long time after the call. It only stood to reason if the Federation was curious about the asteroid and knew about the new species, that the Dominion factions did too, but would send no more that a small expedition to check it out.

NPC Commander Paul Ringer CO/AstrophysicistOmega Scientific Space Station Simed by Toni Turner