The Well

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The Alpha Isles

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The Well

The Well, as it is colloquially known, is an area of space in the Alpha Isle's prone to intense gravimetric shear caused by as-of-yet unknown anomalies. The exact vastness of The Well is unknown. Some reports say it spans an entire sector of space, others say it's a localized phenomena, but races travelling through Alpha Isle's tend to stay clear of it as the gravimetric anomalies encountered in it wreak havoc on ships passing through the sector.

In 2397 the USS Arrow traveled into the vicinity of The Well and encountered the intense anomalous sheer of the phenomena after it was chased into the region by the SVC Ikries. Initial scans of the area suggested it shared the same qualities as a Black Hole, yet showed none of the classic signs of it actually being a quantum singularity.

Commander Maxwell Traenor suggested his own theory of The Well: " This anomaly is possibly a dichromatic nebula, perhaps harboring some dark matter asteroids or a comet. *IF* the theory is true, then we could ride out the gravimetric shear of passing near or through the anomaly with no issue. However, if I'm wrong and there's actually some sort of quantum singularity at play, then manual calculation of slingshot speed and trajectory is nearly impossible."

The Arrow performed a sling-shot manoeuvre around a nearby gravimetric anomaly and was successfully expelled from the area, and was able to carry on its course to Theta 122, and Atlas Base.

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