The Viral Dance (Tiger)

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USS Tiger puts in for repairs as Deep Space 17, only to find an old ally has crept into the stations systems, and is causing an epidemic on the station.

Ship Reports

October, 2008

The USS Tiger has docked at DS17 for repairs and a little R&R for the crew after their last mission. The Tiger is also due to take on some new crew members and bid farewell to others.

En route, Dr Satscher revealed that she had been responsible for deleting medical files, forcing Commander Riley to place her under arrest pending an investigation by Starfleet medical.

Upon arrival they discover that the personnel on DS17 are currently suffering from a mystery illness. The medical staff have been overwhelmed and the disease is in danger of breaking out of the quarantined zones – the Tiger staff are called in to help.

To make matters worse, a host of minor technical problems have started to effect the station’s systems, from replicators to lifts.

November, 2008

The crew of the Tiger are caught up in the middle of a virus outbreak on DS17. Quarantine measures have failed and the station’s crew are falling victim to the disease, meaning the Tiger crew need to figure out what is happening — and fast.

The Tiger crew have divided into two teams. The engineering staff have confirmed that the spread of the virus is linked to systems malfunctions reported across the station. Replicators have started to churn out a semi-sentient ooze. As the death toll rises, angry crowds have gathered demanding answers, adding to the confusion and giving security plenty to deal with.

The medical and science team are fighting desperately for a vaccine, but its head, Dr. Satscher, has succumbed to the virus. It seems even Cmdr. Riley is infected. As the team is on the verge of an important discovery, an explosion rocks the station, destroying one of the sickbays and sending crowds of civilians fleeing for their lives. Another system malfunction or evidence of a co-ordinated attack?

Time is of the essence. Can the Tiger crew solve the problem of the virus before the living slime takes over the station and their own members join the list of the dead?

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