The Trinity-Serellan Defense Fleet

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Starfleet's Trinity-Serellan Defense Fleet is a small fleet of Federation starships that operate in the region of space near Starbase 118, providing support to the area due to its crucial status as the crux of Federation, Klingon, and Romulan space.The primary duty of the fleet is to support and defend the interests of Starfleet, including colonies, bases, and member planets.


Current Fleet Vessels


USS Avalon-A
Galaxy Class

The USS Avalon-A is a starship under the command of Captain Lora Joreis that operates in the Trinity Sector and Jenatris cloud. The vessel assisted with retaking Starbase 118 during the Edge of Glory in 2394.

Enterprise C beauty shot.jpg

USS Typhoon
Ambassador Class

The USS Typhoon is a formerly-retired starship that was refitted with the Cyclone II upgrades and returned to service. She assisted with the evacuation of Starbase 118 due to a Class 11 neutrino storm in 2394, transporting the families of some of the station's crew to Raskor I.


USS Arrow
Saber Class

The USS Arrow was constructed shortly before the second Borg incursion in 2373, and served in that battle and the Dominion War as well. The vessel once served as a support ship to Starbase 118 under the leadership of Captain Mal Avatar.


USS Braveheart
Olympic Class

This medical vessel has served for over a decade, most notably in 2385 and 2388 where it provided various forms of assistance to the crew of Starbase 118. Its primary focus is medical studies, research, and missions of mercy.

Aegian class.jpg

USS Tribal
Aegian Class

Badly damaged when it attempted to intercept Haz Arrhimen in 2392, this vessel was then aided by the USS Albion and USS Avalon. Such aid ensured that the USS Tribal was able to undergo repairs and then eventually return to service.

Oberth space.jpg

USS Benjamin Franklin
Oberth Class

This science vessel was once stationed in the Ithassa Region, but went missing in early 2384. The ship was later recovered and brought back to the Trinity Sector for repairs and for re-assignment, eventually being reassigned to the Trinity-Serellan Defense Fleet.

Past Fleet Vessels