The Sya-Negan, part II (Ronin)

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Stardate 238408.08

After detecting a new warp-capable species where one shouldn’t have been, the Ronin started piecing things together. Faint Cardassian warp signatures were detected in a nearby system and a recon mission was organized. Meanwhile, meeting the aliens under First Contact protocols was undertaken, with an away team visiting the alien vessel first, then the senior staff of the Sya-Negan vessel visiting the Ronin. Meanwhile, the crew was still investigating something affecting crewmembers aboard by heightening their negative emotions.

The mission wrapped up with the alien ship towed back to its homeworld and a Starfleet engineering team left on the planet to help resolve the issues with the subspace pulse that the alien warp drive created. They also have instructions to subtly try to figure out where and how this culture made such a huge jump technologically and if there was any sort of outside influence on them.

The Ronin, on the other hand, is heading back to Deep Space 17 for some much deserved shore leave and repairs. An engineering team was left behind on the planet of the Sya-Negan to foster communication and hopefully help the aliens develop their warp drive away from the damaging subspace surges that it currently causes. A recon flight is in process currently to investigate some odd warp signatures in a nearby system, but they should be reporting in soon as well. This leave's party theme is a Masquerade Ball.