The Spider's Web (Victory)

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The Spider's Web
239205.18 - 239207.12

People of Note

  • Major Thramis - Commander of the Tholian Garnet Class vessel Jaxin. Arrogant and quick to respond, Thramis has shown no interest in negotiating.

Notable Information

Mission Synopsis

Though for most people, the shoreleave after their dealings with the Romulans had been smooth, but for some, it had been one issue after another. While docked back at Earth, Captain Nugra had to deal with not only his medical officer, Janel Tarna going AWOL to Trill, but also the assignment of Shiarrael Ei-Ihhliae as a liaison officer from the Romulan Republic.

Everything through became better as soon as he got his ship back. A beautiful ceremony was held with Fleet Captain Kali Nicholotti as one of two special guests, but they also were given a memento from Retired Admiral Zimbata that now adorns a place in the Back Forty.

While stopping and retrieving their wayward medical officer, Nugra was hailed by a person of ill-repute, Harrington James who gave them coordinates to a long lost Federation vessel. Suspicious, but feeling duty bound to examine the lead, the USS Victory set course for the Tempest Sector, near Tholian space to investigate and see if there was any truth to it.


Upon arriving to the sector of space the USS Arrow was believed to be in, the small vessel was found among the asteroid field. Captain Nugra ordered two away teams one lead by Lt. Commander Eerie and the other lead by Lieutenant Ayiana Sevo. Eerie's team's goal was to see if the Arrow is capable of moving under her own power while Sevo was to attempt and find out what happened to the ship and crew so many years ago.

Onboard the Victory though, Lieutenant Tarsii Asmara discovered that the ship was sitting in the middle of a faraday cage which allowed the Tholian major get a drop on them. Firing a previous unknown weapon, a bulbous orange torpedo that attached itself to the Victory's hull. A lattice like web began to crawl across the hull raising the radiation levels on the ship.

USS Arrow

Archer class.jpg

The USS Arrow was a deep space scout that went missing in 2193 with all fourteen crewmembers. Her fate has been unknown until coordinates were discovered by the USS Victory that might be her last known position.

Internal Layout of Archer Class