The Shakedown (Steadfast-A)

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  • Duration - 238305.04-238307.11
  • Mission Name - The Shakedown
  • Mission Tag - During the shakedown cruise,...

Mission Brief

The Steadfast-A has been ordered to proceed to an outer and relatively empty sector of space to engage in standard skills training exercises of her young crew. While most of the crew preps her respective stations and systems, several of the ensigns work on designing some rudimentary decoys for tactical practice.

Mission Summary

Whilst the crew of the STEADFAST went about their routine duties, an unexpected energy wave hit the ship, doing major damage. With power out, and life-support failing, a distress call came in from a near-by terraforming colony on Lovinon IV. With repair efforts underway, a "rescue" team was dispatched from the STEADFAST to the colony. En route to help, the USS Wellington was also hit by an energy wave and damaged, and STEADFAST identified the source of the waves - an alien artifact in orbit of the LOVINON suns. STEADFAST went to investigate, determining that the alien artifact was actually a hybrid, with Federation technology almost seemlessly grafted onto it.

Meanwhile, at the colony the away team was ambushed and taken captive by the colony's scientists. Dr. Medai Cyrce was taken and his Trill symbiont tortured for the doctor's command-level access codes. Ensign Malley was forced to experiment with more of the alien bio-technology, Cyrce's health being the leverage for her cooperation. Ensign Solkar and Commander Varaan were left tied up.

Apparently Dr. Emily Heller, one of the scientists in charge of the terraforming project on LOVINON IV, had turned an alien artifact into a weapon of mass destruction with the aid of Dr. Tarn. Though her stated goal was a weapon for the defense of the Federation in upcoming wars, she clearly had lost her moral compass by attacking, and attempting to destroy, friendlies (STEADFAST and WELLINGTON).

Dr. Tarn's conscience reasserted itself, and he helped Varaan and Solkar escape. By this time, Lieutenant Hawk, who had escaped capture, joined them and the rescue of Cyrce was underway. Varaan disabled power to the control center, and he and Hawk stormed the room. Unfortunately, Heller escaped and stole the away team's shuttle.

STEADFAST took the opportunity to destroy the alien artifact with an asteroid, and a second away team was sent to retrieve the first. Dr. Emily Heller remains at large.