The Secret Of Outpost Bravo (Atlantis)

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  • Duration - ?
  • Mission Name - The Secret of Outpost Bravo
  • Mission Tag - (Prometheus Incident -- Phase I: The Frozen Horror) The frozen wasteland of a distant planet hides a dangerous secret beneath. Can the Atlantis crew survive?

Mission Brief

The USS Atlantis (NCC-74682) is sent to investigate the strange case of the sudden silence of Outpost Bravo on Piktar I. This followed the mysterious, random subspace pulses that were detected throughout the Piktar system, especially surrounding Prometheus Station. On arrival at the icy planet, an away team was dispatched to investigate the top secret science facility. Unfortunately, while on the ground, the planet was hit by yet another subspace pulse that destroyed the outpost and trapped most of the scientists within the ruins. Thus, what was supposed to be a routine investigation of the situation, had turned into a rescue mission, with the away team racing against time to save the lives of the scientists.

During the rescue operation, another pulse rocked what remained of the facility, only to reveal a large subterranean cavern underneath the outpost. In this secret underground lab, unsanctioned experiments were being carried out, including one experiment that involved a bioengineered female human with powers that allowed her to control the natural elements of the planet, such as the wind, the ice and the snow. "Elsa", as she was nicknamed by the away team, was deeply connected to the planet and attempts to remove her from the surface resulted in violent storms and earthquakes. The crew had no choice but to render her unconscious and place her in cryostasis until they returned to DS26. The only question was, what should the crew do when they arrive at the station?

Despite the potential to be a highly dangerous weapon, Elsa was still very much human who had feelings and rights. "Do not be fooled! She may look innocent and harmless, but she controls the wind, she controls the ice. She can rip ships apart with violent storms just with the flick of a finger. There's no telling what will happen should she fall into the wrong hands!" said Outpost Bravo rescued scientist, Dr Ahmed Gupta. Meanwhile, as the crew headed back to DS26, they planned a memorial service for Lt Gwen Gardener, who was killed while on duty.