The Saural Inquisition (Resolution)/Security After Action Report (Sherlock)

Submitted by Security Officer Aine Sherlock.

Mission Assignment

The USS Resolution was dispatched to the Celendi Nebula to locate the lost freighter, Andalucia.

Mission Summary

On stardate 239712.13, we entered the Celendi Nebula. Lieutenant Yalu was able to detect an engine signature that matched the Andalucia. Upon following the route taken by the freighter, we encountered a gravametric/temporal anomaly. Lieutenant Yalu was able to determine that we had traveled 250,000 to 300,000 years in the future. We encountered a ship, lightly manned by a species who called themselves the Sau. Scans indicated multiple species in a small industrial settlement on the fifth planet of the system. An away team was dispatched to investigate whether the freighter's crew was in the settlement.

Mission Result

Ultimately, the away team was mostly successful in extricating prisoners from the settlement. Due to time constraints, namely the first officer of the Sau ship's change of heart and insistence on destroying the settlement by crashing his ship into it, not all prisoners were able to be rescued. Also due to the limited capacity of the Nova Class starship, which now having extra personnel to rescue, made a full extraction impossible.


One away team member, Ensign Treetus, was injured and lost approximately half of his right arm during a firefight on the planet's surface. The incident occurred after Ensign Treetus had performed an action to help move the team forward after being pinned down. While successful, the actions in the opinion of this officer, were dangerous and foolish. Following that action, Ensign Treetus had stepped in front of an enemy soldier when he believe Commander MacKenzie's life to be in danger.


While the loss of so many hostages is unfortunate, given the circumstances faced by the ship, it was unavoidable. There are no recommendations for how the mission, overall, was conducted. Given the incidents that occurred on the away team, it is recommended that all officers who would be assigned to combat missions undergo regular tactical training. In particular weapons/marksmanship and tactical team movement drills.


While the mission could be considered a success, there were many shortcomings including lack of intelligence (prior to arrival at the Celendi Nebula), lack of consistent training for tactical away teams, lack of training concerning temporal operations. Intel and temporal operations training can be handled on a fleet wide level, tactical away team training on the ship level.