The Raiders of the Lost Claw (Arrow)

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Episode 11


Officers taking part in the mission
Name Position Notes
Randal Shayne Commanding Officer
Maz Rodan First Officer
Chloe Waters Helm Officer
Philomena O'Malley Communications/Ops Officer
Connor Dewitt Engineering Officer
Artinus Serinus Chief Security/Tactical Officer
R'Ariel Chief Medical Officer/Chief Counselor
Ar'Gorvalei Medical Officer
Quentin Collins Chief Science Officer
Jacin Ayemet Science Officer
Tallera Marine Officer
Ash MacKenna Chief Intelligence Officer
Mission Specific NPCs
Name Position Notes
Captain Messoq Commanding Officer, ICV Saracen Simmed by Maz Rodan
NPC's & PNPC's
Name Position Notes

The Raiders of the Lost Claw

The crew of the USS Arrow play relic hunters with a faction of Chalnoth searching for an ancient artefact named 'The Claw of Chalna'. Legend says whoever holds the Claw has the ultimate right the rule the anarchic hunter species, and the time has come to unite the factions and lead the Chalnoth to prosperity. But rival factions are also looking for the Claw for themselves and will stop at nothing to meet their goals...

Act 1

The Arrow is recalled to the Alpha Isles to rendezvous with a Chalnoth vessel for diplomatic discussions. While never openly aggressive to the Federation, Starfleet is concerned about the change in attitude from the anarchic species. These talks could open new avenues between Starfleet and the Chalnoth, so they recommend caution.

Act 2

The Arrow's next mission would have lasting consequences on the Alpha Isles. As well as bringing them into direct contact with one of the area's most mighty presences; The Chalnoth.

Though it would begin in an unexpectedly benign way. A Chalnoth faction, representing themselves as royalty and contacting the ship through official Federation diplomatic channels, asks for parlay with the crew. Arriving at the rally point, the Arrow plays host to a Captain Messoq, his young, firebrand First Officer Hallack, and a wizened Chalnoth Elder. Said to be hundreds of years old.

His claim is substantiated as Messoq reveals the reason for their entreatment. Hundreds of years ago, before the establishment of the accepted Chalnoth homeworld of Kaus Borealis V of the Beta Quadrant, the Chalnoth experienced a sort of "Golden Age". Based around a planet of the Alpha Isles called Pankot III.

From this planetary hub, the Chalnoth were a much more locally based species. And ruled their sector of space from the planet under the hands of warrior kings and various space-faring vassals. All of whom hoarded riches beyond compare. Above them all was The Claw of Chalna, a symbol of state which could be won or transferred between the kings, securing dynastic power over a number of years pre-Beta Quadrant.

Over time, the Chalnoth evolved and developed into a more nomadic people, but pockets of royalist sects still remained. Passing down ancient maps and oral histories, contained within the mind, body, and persons of the Ancient. As he revealed a nearly thousand year old map of Pankot III containing pictographs of The Claw and the various biospheres it had been hidden on.

Messoq's ask, ultimately, was simple. Anti-royalist factions had started to move on Messoq and The Claw. The Captain did not have the resources or manpower to search Pankot III properly. And so, the U.S.S. Arrow were brought to the table to assist.

And it would task her and her crew to the very brink.

Arriving at Pankot III and her sister moon Pankot Beta, the crew was instantly faced with a problem that would spread them thin. The planet itself was divided across three distinct continents, each with their own distinctly impossible climates. And Captain Messoq warned the Anti-Royalists were on their trail.

So, Captain Shayne made a snap decision. Three Away Teams would be tasked to the planet. Each with strict orders to search their grid as quickly as possible and get back to Messoq and his retinue, who would await word and provide support for the ground teams on the ship. His own vessel; The Saracen, would provide orbital support, despite having just been damaged in a recent engagement with Anti-Royalist forces.

Captain Shayne would lead the First Team himself, which would consist of LTCmdr. Artinius Serinus and LTjg. Jacin Ayemet. They would be tasked with the First Continent, which was a frigid, tundra-like biome. LTCmdr. Maz Rodan would lead the Second, taking on the jungle-esque Second Continent. His team would consist of Dr. Ar'Gorvalei, and LTjg Connor Dewitt. Commander Ash MacKenna would lead the Third and final team, taking on the sandy, arid Third Continent. She would be accompanied by LTCmdr. Quentin Collins and Counselor R'Ariel.

Each team would face a number of challenges. But even before the teams would make planetfall, they would have to deal with an ancient minefield that surrounded the local sector. As well as the realization that Anti-Royalist forces, led by one Captain Morrack, had already reached Pankot III and had begun their own search.

After a fraught, slow approach to the opposite side of the planet, the teams were dispatched across the three Continents of Pankot III. The First Team was immediately waylaid by an errant avalanche, driving them deep into subterranean ice caves. Both the Second and Third Teams would find themselves faced with hostile terrain and wildlife. Having to hack through dense jungle undergrowth and trek through dusty hardpan respectively.

But soon all three Teams came upon evidence to substantiate Messoq and the Elder's claims. Various underground ruins and fallen temples were discovered by each team. Ruins that not only suggested a more organized and pious Chalnoth, but ruins that seemed to be interconnected between all three Continents.

But time was not on the Team's side, as more Anti-Royalist forces made their way to the surface. Supported by an unnamed cell of Breen Weaponeers who seemed to be acting as the muscle for the Anti-Royalists. Soon the search turned into a footrace. One hampered by various traps and pitfalls in the Team's path. Traps like an insidious, musical based locking mechanism, deadly pendulous blades, and highly advanced hard-light interfaces that displayed various violent tableaus from ancient Chalnoth History.

However, a break would soon reveal their paths to the Claw. As the Teams ventured deeper into the planet's interior, holographic representations of Temple Guardians made themselves known to The First and Second Teams. Shepherding them and revealing more history and knowledge to the team as they traversed the cave systems.

Act 3

Meanwhile, The Third Team discovered what would become known as The Temple of The Chalnoth Ancients, settled in the middle of a sunken desert oasis known as The Valley of Kings. The Temple seemed to be an interment tomb, surrounded on all sides by a massive ossuary and packed to bursting with treasure from various time periods from the pre-Federation era of history.

As The Third Team made their way deeper into the complex (pursued by Anti-Royalists and their Weaponeer allies) they discovered it was much more than a tomb. It was also the final resting place of The Smith. Another seemingly ancient Chalnoth who presided over a massive underground kiln that seemed to house thousand of copies of The Claw. Presumably as one final test.

Soon after, contact was made with the First and Second Teams who moved to assist the Third, even through heavy opposition and a sudden psionic attack from The Smith. Who seemed to focus his attention squarely on Counselor R'Ariel, separating her from the rest of her team and guarding their position with mental projections of Chalnoth legionaries.

As Messoq and Merrock entered into a final confrontation, on the roof of an moldering Chalnoth castle fortress no less, The Teams were faced with only one option. Come together to formally announce their intentions to help the "rightful Chalnoth" and prove they could act as proper stewards of The Claw. After a few fraught turns and frantic thought projection, The Guard released the prize to Counselor R'Ariel and all the Teams were quickly transported back to the ship in order to avoid the Chalnoth entering total war.

But in the end, Captain Shayne chose true neutrality. Determining that neither side had proven worthy of The Claw or the power it would hold over the ancient technology and riches of Pankot III. Ordering the Chalnoth back to their ships, The Captain took charge of The Claw and ordered immediate departure from the sector. Leaving both factions of Chalnoth no recourse but diplomatic negotiation. Which soon after sparked an unprecedented conference between the Royalists and Anti-Royalists, which has continued steadily in the weeks after the mission.

After a tense debrief with Starfleet Command, and stowing away of The Claw of Chalna in the Arrow's Living History Annex, Captain Shayne engaged shore leave conditions and tasked the ship toward RAFT-ONE, where the ship would enjoy a repair and refit free of charge. Courtesy of the station's shifty, but seemingly sincere Administrator Myssa T'Vaz.

Important Sims

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