The Pelian Brief (Gorkon)

2398, Episode 19
The Tyrellian Sector Saga
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The Pelian Brief

  • Stardate 239808.28 to 239811.18

The USS Gorkon is helping the colonists of Darime IV. It’s a well-established Pelian colony on a garden world, which took in a sizable number of Romulan refugees after the Hobus Disaster. In the following 11 years, the two groups have peacefully coexisted on the planet; while they generally maintain separate settlements, the Pelians helped the Romulans establish themselves in their new home, and the Romulans have offered their skilled workers and knowledge in return.

It’s been a harmonious and cooperative relationship for the most part. However, recent disputes arose when the Romulans planned to build a new settlement near the Pelian holy site of N’amiu’s Garden, a verdant and unspoiled valley amidst fertile lands. Diplomatic efforts brought the dispute to a resolution both parties are (relatively) content with, but it stoked old grudges and prejudices among some of the population, which the recent medical crisis has only exacerbated.


Darime IV

Darime IV is a garden world in a star system near the former Neutral Zone, originally founded by the Pelians around 150 years ago. Much like on their homeworld, about half of every Pelian settlement is underground, leaving huge portions of the surface untouched and wild. Recent expansion and scientific efforts have revealed a number of ancient ruins above and below the surface of the planet, raising questions about its past.

After the Hobus supernova of 2387, the colony offered a home to Romulan refugees and the two groups have peacefully cooexisted for the most part, except for a recent dispute over the location of a new Romulan settlement near N’amiu’s Garden.

  • New Sabyk: The capital settlement of the colony, primarily inhabited by Pelians. Buildings are short and squat, and at least half of the inhabited space is underground.
  • Survey Site: A proposed site for a new settlement, where initial surveys revealed extensive underground ruins;
  • Excavation Site: A forested site with unearthed ruins, and the source of a recent outbreak of illness among the Pelians;
  • Field Hospital: A joint effort between Starfleet and the Romulan colonists to render aid to the sick Pelians;
  • N’amiu’s Garden: A wild, fertile and untouched valley which the Pelians consider holy ground.

Notable Characters

Inhabitants of Darime IV:


  • Lynas: Quiet and unassuming as is common for his species, Agent Lynas has spent most of his adult life in the colony. His childhood days on the Pelios homeworld were filled with thoughts of spending his life helping people. He intended to pursue a career as a doctor when he came of age, but found he couldn't quite overcome his squeamish stomach. Instead, he followed a path that led him to Federation Security, where he could help his own people and other Federation citizens follow the laws in peace and security. Lynas enjoys a rousing game of Terran chess whenever he can find someone willing to play. He admires the men and women of Starfleet even if he finds it difficult to understand the adventurous spirit that drives many of them.
    • Species: Pelian
    • Gender: Male
    • Description: 1.4 meters tall, large wide-set black eyes, light brown complexion, an easy smile with floppy, expressive ears
    • Occupation: Inspector, Federation Security
  • Bisul: Deceased, Sakerark (Religious Leader) of the Pelian people on Darime IV. Murdered in his study.
  • Sylan: Missing, Lynas wife, somehow related to Bisul.


  • Kaol Valdran: Romulan former military, head of the Romulan construction crew.
  • Altmer: Chief Physician of the Romulan settlement.
  • Miral: Pilot injured in the work bee crash.

The Missing Starfleet Cadets:

Solomon Gilbert

When asked why he decided to join Starfleet, Solomon gave a variety of answers, ranging from “Dunno, seemed like a good idea at the time” to “Seemed like a good way to get off this dumb planet” to “For all them alien ladies! Heck yeah! Wooo!”. Nobody but Solomon really knows why he joined. (Click for more)


  • Full name: Solomon Gilbert
  • Date of birth (Age): 22
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair colour: Black
  • Eye colour: Brown
  • Height: 182cm (6’0”)
  • Build: Buff


  • Parents: Angie Gilbert, Marcus Gilbert
  • Siblings: Owen Gilbert (younger)
  • Spouse: Isabella Whelan (fiancé)
  • Children: None

HISTORY: Solomon was born and raised in the Taranaki region of New Zealand. He was always quite solidly built, with a physique that lent itself to sports and physical exercises. From a young age he was a rugby player, playing first in the kiddie leagues, and later for his high school. In his final year, he was team captain and led his school to win a national tournament. To everyone’s surprise, upon graduating Solomon applied to Starfleet Academy, and to everyone’s surprise again, he passed the entrance exams with flying colours. He followed a general path for his first year, before specializing toward a Security/Operations track in his second year. It was noted by several of Solomon’s lecturers that he never seemed to pay attention, nor care about the subject matter in classes, preferring instead to flirt with female classmates (with varying degrees of success), and picking on other cadets. He joined the Academy Rugby team and spent much of his free time in various student bars and nightclubs. When it came time for tests and exams, Solomon always managed to pass them with surprisingly high marks, despite the lack of effort he seemed to apply in classes.

Ico Ena

Always eager to please and strive to be better for herself and her colleagues, she gained a bit of a voice when she joined the academy, but she always inclined to be pushed around by others who were more assertive in expressing their opinions, even when she disagreed with them. (Click for more)


  • Full name: Ico Ena
  • Date of birth (Age): 22
  • Species: Bajoran
  • Gender: Female
  • Hair colour: Black
  • Eye colour: Green
  • Height: 1'70 m
  • Build: average


  • Parents: Ico Seran & Ico Nera
  • Siblings: None
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None

HISTORY: Ena was born in the last throes of the Dominion War in rural Bajor, daughter of farmers. Curious and quick-witted by nature, she excelled in her studies from an early age, showing a passion for astronomy and physics, surpassing the average of what could be taught in the small school in her village. From an early age she dreamed of exploring the stars and unravelling the mysteries of the universe so, some years after Bajor joined the Federation, her parents sent her to a school in the capital, to prepare her to join Starfleet where she would have the opportunity to explore her dream. However, Ena's quiet rural life showed that her quiet upbringing had had consequences: accustomed to small groups and people she had known her whole life, she became shy and self-conscious around her more vocal peers.

Ryan Isaacs

Ryan is a friendly, kind-hearted young man with a fierce appetite for learning and discovery. He's an adventurous soul with a big imagination, and is full of enthusiasm for living out his dream of joining Starfleet. (Click for more)


  • Full name: Ryan Isaacs
  • Date of birth (Age): 28th February (Age 22)
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Skin colour: Brown
  • Hair colour: Dark brown
  • Eye colour: Dark brown
  • Height: 1.88m (6'2)
  • Build: Athletic


  • Parents: Samuel Isaacs (father), Siobhan Isaacs (mother)
  • Siblings: Cara Isaacs (younger sister), Liam Isaacs (younger brother)
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None

CHRONOLOGICAL HISTORY: Born on Mars, Ryan enjoyed a loving home and frequent contact with most of his extended family; grandparents, aunts and uncles, grandparents. A technically-minded young man, he did well at school, enjoyed building and tinkering, and often helped out with family DIY projects. Like many children, he was fascinated with the idea of Starfleet and he grew up idolising his aunt, a Starfleet officer. This sometimes caused friction between the young Ryan and his mother, who does not have a good relationship with her sister. As he grew older, the friction increased when it became clear that Ryan was intent on joining Starfleet. Discussions of his career plans often devolved into shouting matches his father did his best to mediate, though his attempts often came to nothing as neither party was willing to shift from their position. In the end, and despite her best efforts, Siobhan was not able to keep her son from applying to the Academy or accepting the place he was offered. Since then, their relationship has been fraught, with conversations clipped and terse. Siobhan resents her son for not listening to her and "setting a bad example" to his siblings, with a healthy dose of fear for his future thrown in. Ryan finds it hard to forgive some of his mother's efforts to undermine his entry into Starfleet, especially as she shows no remorse for them. He maintains a good relationship with his father and siblings, and hopes time will mend the rift between mother and son. PERSONALITY: Ryan is a friendly, kind-hearted young man with a fierce appetite for learning and discovery. He's an adventurous soul with a big imagination, and is full of enthusiasm for living out his dream of joining Starfleet. His hobbies include racquetball, parrises squares, reading, programming and robotics. He's a casual guitar player, having played since he was young, but doesn't harbour any real ambition to progress musically.

J'ryn "Jack" Ressan

A service in Starfleet was the obvious choice for someone who needed to make his own life. Throwing himself into engineering, focusing on agricultural engineering, J'ryn hopes to return to Kelpia one day to improve his homeworld's food-production industries. (Click for more)


  • Full name: 4th Year Cadet J'ryn "Jack" Ressan
  • Date of birth (Age): 34 (human equivalent of about 24)
  • Species: Kelpien
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair colour: None (bald)
  • Eye colour: Violet
  • Height: 187cm (6'2")
  • Build: Beanpole


  • Parents: Evi (mother), Mren (father)
  • Siblings: The youngest of 23 sisters (Kita, Chaj, Nyani, Slva, Xen, Pi, Phon, Kita, Fori, Loami, Potana, Mura, Tami, Josi, Boma, Sera, Cuz'ri, Sylts, Suec, Glei, Flua, Acrel, Pwai) and 19 brothers (Jua, Blyu, Kitan, Kmau, Vrei, Kumo, Wuoz, Ulec, Nicon, Qlerf, Zash, Ulyp, Uaub, Tepu, Chab, Vlav, Uqi, Aelub, Azzalu).
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None

HISTORY: Born on Kelpia to a modest family, J'ryn is the forty-second child of Evi and Mren. His parents work very hard and are often tired. Desperate to stand out in such a large family, J'ryn grew up somewhat attention starved (for some reason), always looking for some reason to stand out. He found it in a combination of amusing anecdotes, long complicated stories that never went anywhere, silly puns, canned jokes, and a goofy, silly attitude that all served as a patch over a vulnerable, insecure core. He doesn't let it out that very often, at least outside of academy-mandated counselling sessions, but his friends probably at least suspect his nature. Particularly because a cheap way to get a laugh is at his own expense. J'ryn goes by "Jack" as his first name, simply because having a Human first name is another way to stand out, and craves being the centre of attention, for positive or (sometimes) negative reasons. And it's sometimes the setup for dumb jokes.


  • Lady in Grey: Temporary Guardian of the underground Sanctuary.
  • Red Lady

Mission Summary

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Act One: What Lies Beneath

Deployed to the surface of the planet, the teams were ready for anything. Poised, prepared, and possessed by a sense of urgency given their tasks at hand. A dig into the archaeological mystery led by Quinn Reynolds established the outbreak of sickness on the colony, with those working on the excavation site as Patient Zeros. Taking necessary precautions in their assessments, the three officers comprising the Admiral, Corliss Fortune, and the newly appointed science chief Alieth, heading into the ruins to make their assessments.

Despite the holographic security, the wind raged furiously as they approached the nearest ruins, a sort of circular building that had lost almost all of its walls, but could still be distinguished by the supports and remnants of columns that had once cast a shadow around it. Beneath them and the jagged, crumbling wall, ( barely a blue-veined remnant of what had once been), lay a chamber of uncertain use. Its floor was covered with a mosaic of shimmering blue and gold tesserae that twisted in tight spirals, circles and mysterious curves.

Over at the Medical Facility, the team led by Jo Marshall, investigated the medical emergency, and their development plan concerning the habitation facility they needed to build, and what supplies they would need to support the effort on the ground. Loxley immediately got to work assessing the quarantine protocols with Ayiana Sevo, while Piravao sh’Qynallahr and Marshall began construction, aided by the Romulan crew already on the ground. Loxley found Altmer, the chief physician of the Romulan settlement, and discovered their tests had concluded the Romulan species was immune to the infection.

Well, for starters, I can tell you that Romulans are absolutely completely immune. Our tests confirm that the infection is inert when exposed to Romulan physiology. As in completely inert, in every way possible. It doesn’t react to anything. ::she shook her head slowly:: I’ve never seen anything like it, something so virulent in one species yet totally ineffective in another. [...]Oh it’s more than immunity, to all intents and purposes, the infection is just ‘dead’ in a Romulan bloodstream. The body just flushes it out as pure waste, leaving no trace of it at all after a few hours.

At the initial survey site, the team led by Jona ch'Ranni started their search for the missing Starfleet cadets, beginning with a baseline of the camp and working their way through the base camp to the scary pit of excavation equipment. Mallora Vossti, newly added Ensign to the Gorkon crew, scanned the rock to find it contained high amounts of silver and cadmium, limiting their scanning ranges. Serren Tan, security officer assigned to the group, requested the deploy of a Search & Rescue kit onto the colony, to aid them in their descent. They quickly discovered excavations into the easternmost tunnel had abruptly stopped approximately one week ago.

Over at New Sabyk, Samira Neathler and her team began their investigation into the suspicious death of Bisul, a highly placed religious figurehead among the Pelians, murdered in his study. With the initial help of Federation Security, and Agent Lynas, the team started looking into who could've accomplished the crime in a locked room. An initial scan of the room by Cory Stoyer revealed nothing untoward, apart from the hint of ego in how large a desk the religious leader flew, while Tahna Meru, science ensign on board the Gorkon, failed to pick up evidence of biomatter or tampering. However, through some keen science wizardry, they determined he died of a cardiac arrhythmia brought on by hyperkalemia (overdose of potassium).

Off in the woods, Lena Josett and Orson Marshall escaped the Gorkon on the trail of a smuggling ring supposedly using the Sensor Dead Zone of Darime IV as a cover for their illegal operations. The two biked toward the valley of N’amiu’s Garden, stashed their mode of transport, and continued down into the garden on foot, wary of the possibility smugglers watched them from all corners.

Meanwhile, under the colony in an unknown location... Cadet Ryan Isaacs stirred from his impromptu slumber, head pounding like a good night at the San Francisco bars had been had, only a little darker than the campus dorm rooms. Across from him, he recognised his fellow Starfleet Cadets of Ressan, Gilbert, and Ico. Taking stock of their situation, Isaacs found his engineering kit, flicked on the lights, and realised the four of them were stood in a forgotten city deep beneath the surface of the colony above.

Tall spires erupted from the earth and clung to the rocky ceiling high overhead like stalactites and stalagmites, glistening and glittering in ivory and gold. But they weren’t rock formations, they were buildings, with windows and doors and walkways threading like silver ribbons between them with no obvious means of support. He and his fellow cadets were standing in the centre of a septagon, and around the edges it looked as though it was some kind of... garden? Ferns and mosses in vivid shades of blue and violet, indigo lichen clinging to artfully arranged boulders, and huge geodes with amethyst and sapphire crystals sparkling inside.

Act Two: Hidden Secrets

Reynolds, Fortune and Alieth explored the Pelian archaeology site identified as the source of the outbreak. After working their way through some of the buildings, they discovered a secret passage leading underground. Their decision to investigate it became a forced one after coming under attack from what seemed to be Romulans, pushed underground by the collapse of the building. At the base of the stairs, they discovered a room containing three statues/structures, and their investigation led to Reynolds becoming trapped in some kind of force field, nature unknown.

The team's attempts to free her from the field led to them being knocked unconscious and transported to another location. The facility seems to be uninhabited and running on automated systems, and the team were ferried from their transport site into a decontamination room. From there, they discovered a vast chamber filled with stasis spheres, one of which is occupied by a Pelian woman who has multiple additional organs. Nearby personal belongings suggest it may be the missing Sylan.

Jo Marshall, Ayiana Sevo, Piravao sh’Qynallahr, Loxley assisted the Pelians and the Romulans in setting up a field hospital to cope with the current and expected victims of the illness. Shortly after they arrived, all kinds of chaos broke out; a Romulan workbee was sabotaged and caused a terrible accident, and shortly thereafter the hospital came under attack by unknown assailants.

After fighting off the attack, the team decided to try to lure the data thief/saboteur back in by sending a false transmission to the Gorkon. The plan succeeded and they captured the saboteur, discovering he had an implanted Pelian organ, infected with the disease. They were unable to discover more, as the “Red Lady” burst in and vaporised his unconscious body before collapsing herself. The team finds the Red Lady has been extensively altered through surgery, with the organs and limbs of different species grafted to her. Evidence on her boots led the team to a facility below the hospital, where surgeries have been conducted...

Samira Neathler, Cory Stoyer, Tahna Meru investigated the murder of Bisul, an important figure in the Pelian’s religious structure. Their first stop was his study, where they determined Bisul had died from cardiac arrhythmia brought on by hyperkalemia, a known physiological weakness of Pelians. Investigating his library led to a brush with a force field, and the discovery of a note and an access token, as well as access to a hidden cave garden beneath the residence. Inside, they found more secrets; a scroll locked in a case submerged in the pond. As they left the cavern, they ran into the tail end of an assault on Agent Lynas, losing his attacker courtesy of a flashbang and a rapid retreat. After waking, Agent Lynas revealed a secret he had been keeping; his wife Sylan was having an affair with Bisul... and now she’s missing.

Returning to the FedSec HQ, the team carried out research and discovered the murder “weapon”, a poison derived from a local mushroom the Pelians had tried to eradicate from the planet. The leads pointed them toward several meeting places of Sylan and Bisul—but while en route, the team’s public transport suffered a bombing attack. After being joined by Lephi and gathering their wits, the team headed toward a favourite restaurant of the adulterous couple. There was no sign of Sylan there, and the team contacted Agent Lynas who asked them to meet him in a house on Sallu’um Street. Their journey briefly interrupted by threatening figures, they arrived at their location to discover an unconscious and bound Agent Lynas—and shortly thereafter, two more people, one of whom seems to be Bisul...

Jona ch'Ranni, Serren Tan and Mallora Vossti descended below the surface to search for a group of missing Starfleet cadets. After encountering some radiation readings and potential evidence of the cadets' passage, they got into a spot of bother. First, they narrowly avoided being crushed in a rockfall, then they were attacked by unknown assailants and forced to retreat by diving through a body of water. Their route took them into the same city as the lost cadets, and the trio began to explore the first building they encountered.

Inside, they discovered an inactive computer terminal, and a PADD which activated a holographic projection inside and summoned drones to circle the building outside. The projection turned aggressive and attacked, and while Tan and ch’Ranni tried to fend it off, Vossti deduced the meaning of the symbols on the PADD to pacify it. The team decided to capture one of the drones, using a modified phaser to fire and deactivate it. It was then they were contacted by the cadets, who had seen their drone-napping operation, and using the modified phaser to create an explosive diversion, the team welcomed them into the building. After freeing Tan, who had become trapped by the wall, Ico used her implanted knowledge to create a distraction and the Starfleet officers raced back toward the same way they came in.

Act Three: Open Questions

Agent Lynas took Lieutenant Commander Samira Neathler, Lieutenant Cory Stoyer, Lieutenant Lephi and Ensign Tahna Meru to the local FedSec headquarters, where Tahna used their labs to analyze the samples taken from Bisul's residence. She learned that Bisul was poisoned by a powder made from the Gorak mushroom, an invasive species that was believed to be eradicated because it was highly poisonous to Pelians (but, notably, had medicinal properties for Vulcanoids). The team (minus Lynas), boarded a bus to follow leads on bookstores and restaurants Sylan and Bisul frequented together, but their bus was bombed and the scroll they found in the grotto was stolen. Lieutenant Lephi found them in the aftermath of the explosion, and they regrouped at The Burrow, a restaurant Sylan was known to frequent. They learned that Agent Lynas was also caught in an explosion, and agreed to meet him at his house, but when they arrived they found themselves caught in a trap with Lynas, set by a Pelian masquerading as Bisul and a Lady in Gray. Neathler, Stoyer, and Lephi engaged them in a shootout, scaring their attackers away, though Neathler sustained an injury from a mysterious weapon. They followed the fake Bisul outside, where he had raised a crowd of onlookers, back to the real Bisul's house. There were six life signs inside, and after throwing a phaser set to overload into the room and a brief struggle, they subdued the fake Bisul and others present. Fake Bisul was not working with them, however, he was attempting to poison the six gathered religious and political figures so he could consolidate power, just as he'd poisoned the real Bisul. With the murderer caught, they turn the investigation over to FedSec and local authorities.

In the Pelian/Romulan hospital area, the team of Lieutenant Commander Jo Marshall, Lieutenant Commander Ayiana Sevo, Lieutenant Piravao sh’Qynallahr, and Lieutenant (JG) Loxley followed the saboteur's trail to the ruined hospital, where they discovered evidence of illegal surgeries. While investigating, they were attacked by Valran, who took Ayiana Sevo hostage. A knife fight ensued and Loxley sustained a severe injury. He needed an urgent blood transfusion which Ayiana Sevo suggested be done from the Valran quack. Jo Marshall however, pointed out the unethical nature of this solution and it was she who donated blood to the Vulcan, despite the incompatibilities and future problems this could cause.

With two of the crew badly injured and a third unable to act freely after the donation, the group headed for the exit, where they met up with Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds' group.

Meanwhile, exploring the underground ruins, Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds, Lieutenants Alieth and Corliss Fortune discovered several pods containing strange liquids, with samples of the virus affecting the Pelian inside. In one of the stasis spheres they discovered the missing Sylan, still alive, but who had undergone several genetic modifications, such as the duplication of several organs. With her body under stress due to these procedures, but sedated and stable, the group decided to leave the Pelian there, along with Alieth's combadge, to be rescued later, once they had secured a way out of the ruins.

They advanced carefully, finding more spheres from one of which they were able to extract a base of the disease afflicting the natives in a tempered form, which could be used to create a cure and a vaccine. With this data well in hand, the group set out on their way in search of a way out, with the proper precautions to be taken given that there were signs that they were not alone in those ruins, or at least that someone had been there shortly before them.

Eventually, they found a cave-in in one of the more distant sections of the science complex which, ascending, led them to the hospital where their comrades were located. The two teams quickly caught up and set to work on a cure for the Pelian disease.

Finally, in the underground ruins, Lieutenant Commander Jona ch'Ranni, Lieutenant (JG) Serren Tan and Ensign Mallora Vossti were located by Ico Ena and Ryan Isaacs. They quickly informed them of the murderous drones and the death of their comrades.

Not long after, a group of drones began to encircle the building, trapping them inside, while the caretaker inside the house became hostile. Using the knowledge they had acquired through the implant that something or someone had inserted into them before waking up in the ruins, the cadets managed to disable the guardian, while Serren Tan devised a plan by detonating a phaser to distract the drones, allowing the entire group to leave the building.

After a hasty journey through the ruins, the group soon reached the entrance the Gorkon crew had used and crossed the inverted lake to escape, with Ensign Mallora Vossti nearly drowning in the process, thus requiring Ico Ena to save her.

Drenched and exhausted, with whatever had been stuffed into them advancing faster, the two cadets needed to be sedated, with the Bajoran even having a cardiac arrest for a few minutes, in which she believed (or had) an experience with the Prophets. Shortly afterwards, with the storm that had been tempering communications dissipating, the USS Gorkon was able to contact them, beaming them aboard and rescuing them at last.


Examples of alien speech encountered in the archaeological excavation:

Notable SIMs

Mission Reports

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