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The Paaran, part II (Atlantis)

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  • Duration - 238205.29-238207.03
  • Mission Name - The Paaran, part 2
  • Mission Tag - Chasing the terrorists through a nebula, the ATLANTIS finds herself in unexplored space, and face to face with a mysterious stranger.

Mission Brief

ATLANTIS was to continue to search for "the Paaran." They were also assigned the 48th Starfleet Rapid Response Task Group for field testing. There was word of an informant with possible information on the Paaran's location. ATLANTIS was to return to Midway Station and gain the assistance of the informant.

Mission Summary

Admiral Krieger ordered the ATLANTIS to continue to search for the intragalactic terrorist, "the Paaran." In addition, he assigned the 48th Starfleet Rapid Response Task Group, aka a Hazard Team, to ATLANTIS on a trial basis for field testing. Chief Security Officer Sabdok was apprehensive at first, seeing it as a comment on his abilities. Bozar, a former SF Intel operative, whom ATLANTIS had rescued on their last mission, was placed in command of the Hazard Team. He also had a lead on a source who could possibly pinpoint the Paaran's location.

After sitting enshrouded by the Jenatris Cloud, staking out the criminally run Midway Station, they followed their "mark" to the far end of the Jenatris Corridor. Meanwhile, the Jenatris Cloud had some malignant effects on ATLANTIS' hull, and a small portion of the Cloud leaked into Main Engineering. The ship's systems did not seem to be affected, however the Cloud had extraordinary properties and unusual effects on the crew. A combined science and engineering team cleaned up the intrusive cloud and patched the hull rupture.

At the far end of the Corridor ATLANTIS found a previously abandoned and dangerously derelict station where the informant could possibly have been hiding. Sending the Hazard Team on board, they located the informant and returned him to ATLANTIS. Dorlan, an alien of previously undetermined origin seemed willing to help. But debriefing proved only slightly fruitful as the Paaran is still at large. Several possible locations of where he could be hiding have been uncovered. In addition, this new area of space, called the Par'tha Expanse, has been previously unexplored by the Federation, but is heavily populated with unique species, cultures and politics. ATLANTIS is en route to the closest system in the Expanse, and has contacted SB118 for further orders.