The Origins of War (Ronin)

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Stardate 238412.01

The Ronin, largely through the brandishing of her torpedo arsenal, was able to bully her way past a pair of Cardassian ships to a rescue of her downed flyers and recover her away team as well. The subsequent leave was raucous and busy, with a wedding and various other events happening nearly simultaneously. However, new orders soon came and the ship is prepping for a long lonely run along the Gorn border, surveying the sensor buoys laid there at the end of the brief war a year and a half ago. During the briefing, Admiral Anassasi made a surprise visit, transferring Lt. Adair-Walker off the ship and promoting Cmdr. Mar to full Captain.

The USS Ronin, on a routine examination of monitoring buoys along the Gorn treaty line, ran into two issues: A distress beacon on low power, and a FTU convoy under attack by Gorn.

The Captain split the crew, taking four crewmembers with her to investigate the beacon, thought to be a trap. One of the crewmembers, Lt.Cmdr Amber Wilde, a claustrophobe, “freaked out,” doing an active scan. The small group shut down the sensors on the runabout to hopefully avoid detection.

Meanwhile the First Officer and majority of crew met the convoy. Initially a ceasefire was drawn by the Ronin’s superior firepower. As the crew works to come to some peaceful, or at least non-violent, solution, another alien race has been detected, and is suspected of instigating the FTU and Gorn into a war. The crew is now working to prove that there was a setup, while preparing a nice diplomatic dinner with the Gorn captain.