The One Kingdom

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The One Kingdom
Ithassa Region
Native Species
Planetary Systems & Colonies
Igloo Cluster (IC-93)
Colony Arkin
Space Station Elvar
Vol’Maatan, Doir
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The One Kingdom is a hierarchical feudal empire consisting of 16 systems, and incorporating several species. Serving as menial servants are captured Grendellai. At the top are the multi-limbed Constellationites whose number of limbs designate their hierarchical rank. At the very top is the twenty-limbed Emperor, who rules by an allegiance system.

The Constellationites are a fiercely xenophobic species. They believe that they are inherently superior to all other species.

Significant antipathy exists between the One Kingdom and the Gorn Confederacy. The Constellationites consume unfertile Gorn eggs possibly as a deliberate insult.

The One Kingdom is a post-warp civilization, but at a much earlier stage of development than the Federation. Their fastest ships have a top speed of warp 2.3. Offensive weapons include low-yield directed particle weapons and chemical torpedoes. Defensive weapons consist mostly of polarized hull plating.

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