The Njörðr Incident (Gorkon)

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2396, Episode 12

The Tyrellian Sector Saga
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2396 The Njörðr Incident · Operation Sea Devil · Together in Electric Dreams
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The Njörðr Incident

  • Stardate 239602.05 to 239603.25

While the USS Gorkon is in for routine repairs and maintainance at Starbase 123, Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds and company have hitched a lift with the USS Njörðr to the annual New Horizons conference; a prestigious conference to showcase new technologies for all branches of Starfleet. During their voyage, the ship encountered a nebula, suffered intense damage, and nebula gases have begun to seep slowly into the ship.


  • USS Njörðr: A Dakota-class starship giving Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds and company a lift to the New Horizons conference.
  • Nebula: The nebula the USS Njörðr is currently inside, seeping slowly into the ship from the bottom up (flipped upside down).

Plot Elements

  • Warp Core Breach: Undergoing much damage, the ship began containment procedures as the warp core climbed up to reach the breaching stage.
  • Crab Nebula: An indigo and purple nebula slowly taking over the ship from the top deck up while the ship is upside down. The gases are poisonous and will start to constrict the airways of anyone caught in it.
  • Rushton Infection: A fungal infection borne from unknown origin, released in the Sickbay during the crash. An infectious malady that is contracted by touch only, and of which there is no known cure.

Notable Characters

For the Njörðr crew roster, see here Njörðr Crew Roster

  • Commander Kol ch'Vaorrohr: Andorian Captain.
  • Lieutenant Commander Entai Belynn: Kerelian First Officer.
  • Lieutenant JG T'Yuu: Vulcan Engineering Officer.
  • Lieutenant JG T'Me: Vulcan Engineering Officer.
  • Lieutenant Hamdan Said: Human Chief Medical Officer.
  • Crewman First Class Kroho Kiyel: Bajoran Operations Crew.
  • Karla Veenda: Civilian.
  • Lero Aris: Thief Extraordinaire.
  • Sh'shirik: Andorian Houdini.
  • Chief Petty Officer Makkor: Klingon Security Officer.

Mission Summary

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Act One: The Njörðr Incident

En route to the New Horizons conference, the USS Njörðr has run aground within a nebula. Flipping over, heavily damaged, malfunctioning artificial gravity, and systems failing shipwide, suddenly hitchhiking doesn't seem like such a good idea.

The impact with the exploding nebula caused a shipwide malfunction, flipping the ship onto it's back like a wounded animal, artificial gravity controls haywire, and a large proportion of the ship's crew dead on impact. The Bridge and Bridge Officers were caught first in the blast, the nebula tearing apart the hull.

Those on deck three in the Captain's Mess - Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds, Lieutenant Cory Stoyer, and Lieutenant Commander Ayiana Sevo - were thrown from their meeting, crashing into the ceiling, and in immediate danger as the indigo and blue nebula began to seep into the room through the crack in the viewport window. Using an emergency actuator from the hatch panel of the door, the team was able to get the door open and escaped into the corridor, sealing the door shut behind them. With a plan in mind to move towards the Bridge, Reynolds popped an emergency ceiling hatchway to find the Nebula rolled underneath their feet, like a rising sea level.

Decks beneath, travelling in a Turbolift through the ship, Lieutenant Sera zh'Aella and team - Lieutenant JGs Ferier Kian, Emilia Krugol and Ensign Corliss Fortune - nearly caught a one way ticket to the depths of space when the ship lurched. Flipped upside down, scrambled like eggs, the lift ground to a halt between decks five and six, stuck in place by the application of the emergency brakes. The four officers from the Gorkon managed to put together a power source for the doors before the rattling of the lift launched them into action, forcing the team to escape onto the nearest deck, before the lift failed and tumbled down through the ship.

Journeying on a tour of the ship through the Jefferies Tubes, Lieutenant Tasha MacFarlane, Lieutenant Commander Trellis Vondaryan, Lieutenant JGs Samira Neathler and Groznin Smith were thrown around inside the long, winding tube as the Nebula struck the first blow. Able to escape through to Main Engineering, the team heard the warning from the computer - the warp core was in the process of a breach, with containment loss at a countdown. Leaping into action, the team worked to get control of the core, reinitializing the magnetic constrictor sequence, flooding the core with plasma, until finally, the core glowed blue no more, reducing to a dull grey of inactivity.

Meanwhile, in the Medical Laboratories of Sickbay, Lieutenant Genkos Sim and Ensign Naktara Nightfur were in the midst of examining a rare fungal infection named Rushton Infection, with Lieutenant Commander Jocelyn Marshall dropping in to check on their progress. It had already infected one of the crew - Ensign T'Me - under the microscope. A sample of the infection was contained within a stasis field, hosted in a petri dish. As the ship struck tragedy, the field failed, sending the sample into the room. With help from T'Me's sister - T'Yuu - the team pried open the twisted doors to the Lab as Nightfur cobbled together a sterile stasis field from a biobed, projecting the field at the doorway. Escaping into the Main Sickbay, the team found they had carried traces of Rushtons with them, and no one way to know who had it.

Managing to avert the warp disaster, MacFarlane managed to send out a message warning the crew of potential dangers and to head for the lifeboats, while the team were about to head for the Deck 12 launchers to send out a distress beacon. Intercepting the message, Reynolds countermanded the order with new information gained from the damage control systems - lifeboats were a no go and all survivors were to make their way to Deck D - the southernmost deck on the ship.

Act Two: The Escape

With the new information provided by Reynolds disseminated through the ship's internal systems, the teams begin their escape up through the ship, heading for the Shuttlebay in Deck D - the southernmost deck.

Communications out across the ship, the only method of sending out a message came on the back of the display units around the ship. The warning, crisp and clear from Reynolds, informed all crew remaining alive that the goal was to make it up to the southernmost deck of the ship - the auxiliary shuttle bay - and from there, escape using the craft within there.

Analysing the gaseous anomaly seeping into the ship, Sevo found it to be composed of "nitrogen, xenon, and argon, with trace amounts of mercury and other compounds I can’t recognize."[1]

Act Three:

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Act Four:

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Notable SIMs

Mission Reports

REV SD 239603.29