The Morning After

//Stardate 239812.11

Dear Captain Rahman,

Aloha! Long time, no see! It’s been a while since I last saw you. Then again, with the Delta Quadrant being so remote, it can be difficult to hear from ANYONE. Realistically, we only get a few minutes a month for live calls and we really have to ration those. So I’ve taken to letter writing. No time quite like now to resurrect an old art form. I hope things are going well for you where you are. Likely, you have already had quite a few adventures! Well… so have I!

I’ve seen and done a fair bit in that six month gap between leaving the Veritas and taking the Chief Medical Officer’s post at Amity Outpost. I’ve been to VULCAN! TWICE! I’ve only ever read about my friend Alieth's homeworld in textbooks. It’s entirely different to have seen it up close. It really is as hot as they say. I also got a chance to see the planet’s largest Kal-Tow game in my down time. I did well against a few opponents only to be completely schooled by a Vulcan kid!

I’ve also managed to complete my emergency medicine fellowship with flying colours. It’s taken me to all over the place in the galaxy. There were a lot of hands-on elements to the program. They really put me through its paces. But I was glad to finally reconnect with much of my old crew. I’m glad to have been able to see my Starfleet ohana again. I missed everyone. We made our way over on the USS Thor where I met Commander Teller. I… I sometimes feel like I’m at a loss for words with this man! You know that he managed to get me drunk at a bowling tournament without me knowing? And then the following morning, he had me drink a prairie egg! It was a NAUSEATING experience. Here’s hoping you never have to encounter him. He is both crafty and wiley. Thankfully, he’s not on the outpost with us.

I feel like we’ve settled in well to our new home here in the Delta Quadrant. I ended up saving one of Thor’s ensigns from a dicey situation involving a few criminals. We also had a Culture Festival here too. It’s also where Commander Ukinix got a hover pub for his birthday. It was incredibly outlandish but fun to ride around on. We got the grand tour of the Mez with it. The Commander is quite the tour guide. I’ve also had the chance to meet with my civilian counterpart, Doctor Suribana. She’s a hard worker and I’m glad to have her on my team. We managed to treat our first case of this year’s strain of Levodian Flu together. Albeit it, in some VERY close quarters together. It was certainly an interesting way of getting to know my team better!

We just had a recent mission with helping space borne life and the indigenous people who follow them. I actually got to touch some of that space borne life as a patient! But it also went well… wildly off in a direction I couldn’t have predicted. But it does have me, well, QUESTIONING. It was my first time leading a team on the mission and I just can’t help but to question my command decisions. Sure, we all walked out of it alive and diplomacy was accomplished. But… I’m just looking back over every judgment and call I’ve made throughout the mission and sometimes I’m not sure I’ve made the right ones. Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever just replayed a scenario inside your head and just ask yourself about it? What do you do when you’re faced with this?

Anyways, you probably have a lot to do and you’re likely very busy. So I’m just going to end this here.

Aloha and well, Mele Kalikimaka!

Lt. Ikaia Wong PA-C

Chief Medical Officer

Amity Outpost