The Lost Souls (Darwin-A)

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The scene opens with an introduction to Commander Renos as ne is enroute to Deep Space 6 to relaunch the USS Darwin-A. The Darwin, a Horizon-class science vessel, is being recommissioned alongside other ships in the fleet to deal with the Prometheus Incident. Renos, most recently the Chief Medical Officer on the Apollo, has a checkered past with nir own people. As a J'naii, a genderless, androgynous species, any individual who shows gender identity is considered a ‘deviant’. Escaping nir homeworld nemself to avoid psychotectic reprogramming, ne has devoted nemself to help other J’naii like nemself escape and seek asylum in the Federation and beyond. Ne wonders worriedly what this new transfer, with the added responsibility and remote location, will do for nir efforts in this covert field.

Once aboard Deep Space 6, Renos meets the previous commanding officer of the Darwin, Captain Greir Reinard, who is on hand to complete the transfer of command. After a tour of the ship, they are joined by the Darwin’s new first officer, Lieutenant Commander Brayden Jorey. It soon becomes apparent that there is a deep history between Jorey and the previous captain. That intimacy, plus Jorey’s Betazed telepathic abilities and Intel history, puts Renos ill at ease and strains relations between the two new commanding officers of the Darwin right off the bat.

With the rapid launch schedule of the Darwin, officers are pulled from across the fleet to man the science vessel, and they arrive to board her in quick succession. We are introduced to the new compliment of senior officers as they report aboard to Cmdr Jorey before having one-on-one meetings with the captain. They consist of (in order of reporting):

Interspersed before and around the meetings with the captain, the rest of the senior staff get the opportunity to meet and explore the ship. Malon and Yael share a drink on Deep Space 6 before embarking on the Darwin. Kael and Peters suss each other out in the ship’s engine room. Traenor gets introduced to both Lexicon and Valdivia at the science consoles on the bridge. Peters visits Sickbay and seeks assistance from Malon for a potentially debilitating injury he had received just prior to reporting to the Darwin. And, Thomas meets a returning colleague and his young son.

The scene then changes to the Conference Room on Deck 1 of the Darwin, where Cmdr Renos is staging his first mission briefing as commanding officer. The senior staff file in and take their seats quickly, allowing for only a short bit of personal conversation before the meeting starts.

Renos explains that they have been tasked to respond to the distress call from an Antares class freighter called the USS Dunbar, which has been conducting surveys near the Zeta Gelis cluster. It is explained that the ship had been transmitting back perplexing readings about an emergent anomaly, and that Starfleet Sciences & Technologies are concerned that the anomaly may be related to the Prometheus Incident. With the Dunbar disabled, missing its chief engineer, and being drawn towards the anomaly, the Darwin has been tasked to render assistance.

Lt Traenor provides a little background on the Prometheus Incident, and how the anomaly affecting the Dunbar may be related. Cmdr Jorey raises concerns about outside influence, with special emphasis on the regions’ primary antagonists, the Zalkonians. One weapon in particular, the Anoxia Field, is particularly dangerous due to its effects on the systems of affected ships. Ens Valdivia, with his expertise, offers to try and devise countermeasures. Lt Shedet, familiar with the region, expresses concern that there is more than the Zalkonians on the minds of the region’s inhabitants. Lt Peters is among the first to volunteer for the Away mission to the Dunbar, as well as Lt Dragumov. The mission briefing winds down as Renos tasks: Shedet, Lt Yael, and Ens Lexicon to work with another mission specialist, Nicu Icavoc, to determine the risks presented by the Zalkonians at the present time; Jorey to consider the makeup of the Away team to board the Dunbar; Malon to prepare for treatment of the Dunbar’s crew; and the engineers to brush up on their knowledge of Antares-class freighters.

After the senior officers disperse, the bridge of the Darwin prepares for her historic maiden relaunch. Cmdr Renos gives instructions to Lt Connory to clear Deep Space 6, and he brings them about on course to the Zeta Gelis cluster and jumps them to Warp 7. Renos then commands Traenor and Valdivia to commence scans of the anomaly affecting the Dunbar once they are within range, before handing control of the bridge to the Chief Science Officer and leaving the bridge to attend to personal matters.

Meanwhile, Cmdr Jorey has summoned PO Jellico to his office on Deck 7. He engages the enlisted man in pointed questions, then admits to testing Jellico in preparation to shouldering him with responsibilities above his rank. Dismissing him, Jorey decides to use the short down time while enroute to satiate his hunger. In Main Engineering on Deck 9, Thomas and Peters oversee the engines during the launch, and discuss their knowledge of Antares class ships such as the Dunbar. On Deck 3, Shedet, Lexicon, Yael, and Icavoc are utilizing the Stellar Cartography lab to study the asteroid field where the Dunbar originally ran into problems.

On Deck 6, Avaris Torrin has been drowning his sorrows in the crew lounge almost since he had boarded the Darwin. The knowledge that he and his husband had been selected for the Darwin based predominantly on his own personal ties to Renos, as opposed to his spouse’s professional abilities, had been off-putting. Torrin spent his time conversing with the Romulan bartender Rhean Velal, and discovering an old acquaintance in the form of the bar’s owner, Alam Naseera. Once the mission briefing concludes, Lt Dragumov finds his inebriated husband still at the bar, and they are soon interrupted by none other than the captain. Renos has searched out Torrin to relay sensitive information through him, as a conduit for his efforts to help fellow J’naii deviants. In Torrin’s current state, Renos harbors doubts about the timing of this meeting, but his hasty departure is stymied by the arrival of Jorey looking for his pre-mission meal. Both Renos and Torrin share reservations about the first officer, but for different reasons. Fortunately for them, Dragumov captures Jorey’s attention and steers him away, allowing Torrin to advise Renos that he has important information to impart.

This episode is still airing, stand by for periodic updates!

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