The Intrepid Incident (USS Oumuamua)

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The Intrepid Incident


Corelli informs the Commodore that the Oumuamua is due for some upgrades and refits. V’Airu connects with Starfleet and they are cleared to return to the Sol system to take care of them. In addition, she plans to recommend that a fleet be sent back to the Gamma Quadrant upon their return in the hopes they will have some support vessels in the area.

Act I

After the Oumuamua arrives in the Sol system, they find out they will return to the Gamma Quadrant after their refit along with several other vessels to help deploy the Uhura Communications Array which will facilitate communications between Gamma and other quadrants. The crew were to enjoy some downtime, but before the senior staff could leave, they suddenly find themselves on a Constitution class vessel named the Intrepid and clad in uniforms that hadn’t been in use since the late 2260s. She tasks Commander Brodie, Lieutenants Kessler and Promontory, and Ensign Tyber with investigating the cause. Since the Intrepid does not have power and is currently functioning in backups, she sets Lieutenants Corelli and Arlill along with Lt. Commander Etan (who finds himself without ridges on his nose) and Ensign Byss to restart the ship. On the bridge, V’Airu keeps Commander Greaves and Lieutenants Kel and Katsim to deal with another issue - high-energy pulsar approaching a relatively stationary star system and, within it, a distress call from a nearby planet called Gelf.

On the Bridge, V’Airu asks Kel if he (or his symbiote, rather) has any memory of the Intrepid specifically, then inquires as to what they can do to protect the planet from the pulsar. They brainstorm ways to save the planet, and Katsim ponders if a photonic shield might help absorb the radiation. As Kel intends to make a call down to Engineering, he moves to the coms console, only to find Nurse Rox there. Acting strangely, Nurse Rox seems unaware of the seriousness of the situation and throws confetti into the air, wishing Commodore V’Airu a happy birthday. They come to find out she is actually a Q and the reason they have been thrust into the past. She refuses to send them back and merely tells them they must complete the mission in order to do so. Peri decides to turn the conversation back to the problem and states that adding an electromagnetic field might help take care of the issue. Misunderstanding her, V’Airu says to do so, and Greaves encases her in a forcefield, though Kel protests.

Despite commands from both Commodore and first officer to stay his hand, Kel disengages the forcefield, Rox laughs, then tells them to complete the mission and they would talk later as she leaves. V’Airu and Greaves are livid, but Kel states that he’s a doctor and should do no harm, and had no idea she was faking - but they both iterate that he should follow orders. It is only because of their need for his skills that he is not sent to the brig. Kel heads to the coms station just as the ship shudders, and he contacts Engineering to ask for their status. After that conversation closes, Brodie makes a call to the bridge and Kel asks if they’ve seen Rox and inform them she’s the reason they are there. Tyber drafts officers to form a security detail to search for her. Once they close the connection, Kel notes there’s a companel in the arm of V’Airu’s chair she can use to open a shipwide channel and warn people to be on the lookout for Rox, but warns if they corner her, she might become more unpredictable.

The group consider what they could do about Gelf with the limited technology, though there will be nothing they can do if they are unable to get underway. Suddenly, another person appears, a self proclaimed Q who calls herself Quinta and informs them that Rox is not a Q. She does not agree to assist the crew, but indicates she is interested in how things turn out, then disappears. Talk moves into what, exactly, Rox is, but V’Airu tells them to focus on the mission. Katsim brings up the elephant in the room - what if they complete the mission but can’t go back? There is no answer for that, but Kel finds out they can communicate with Gelf because of a chain of communication satellites they had installed, though it only allows for voice communications and is slower than what they are used to. Kel informs them of their impending arrival, and Grand Papasta Schtroumpf, ruler of the Gelflings, replies with a welcome message as well as a plea for help. Finally, engineering announces they have warp power and the crew are able to get under way. Meanwhile, V’Airu takes residence at the comm station, Kel uses his symbiot’s experience as a pilot to fly, while Katsim continues to utilise scans and figure out how to employ the ideas for the fields. Schtroumph wonders if they could use the ship to assist

In Sickbay, Kessler greets his team members and starts theorising about how they wound up there - as well as wondering if the Intrepid crew ended up on the Oumuamua. Tyber wonders if it could be a Q at work. Brodie takes a look around Sickbay and tries to figure out how to use the older technology as well as wonder if they are just in the past or in a different timeline, while Tyber offers to be a guinea pig for testing the older tech. Promontory thinks this might be a good way to find possible distortions. Kessler wants to try and get quantum signature scans, then goes and gathers some tricorders, giving them to his teammates. After taking some readings, Kessler finds a really faint signature, but it seems to be degrading, which Promontory says is too fast for natural phenomena and suggests they look around the ship for clues of a possible temporal phenomena.

Just then, they hear a popping sound and confetti rains down from the ceiling. As they ponder the strangeness, it’s followed by a scream of pain and Kessler wonders if they should call the bridge. Brodie agrees and makes the call. Kel informs them that Rox is the reason they are there, and Tyber leads a security detail to find her. Kessler gets an idea on how to track Rox and the group make their way to Auxiliary Control where he plans to tap into the internal sensors and try to increase the efficacy of the tricorders and informs the bridge of his intentions. They are warned that there is a Q and that Rox is evidently not of the Continuum, complicating matters. The two start a detailed scan of the ship, a much longer process than they are used to. They find life signs, and one in particular has remained in one place for a long period of time. Though they are uncertain if it’s Rox or not, they decide to check it out.

Promontory and Kessler continue on their own as Brodie is called away, and stop at Deck 5. They come to a set of crew quarters and discover the source - in a closet. Opening it, Rox tumbles out. She indicates she remembers being on the bridge, then suddenly found herself in a closet, but she doesn’t know how she got there. She finds her current uniform surprising and doesn’t know how her clothes got changed and realises the two officers think she may have locked herself in the closet. Promontory wonders if there is more than one Rox, and asks for more details on her planned prank and whether or not she’d had any strange dreams. Promontory informs the bridge they have found the real Rox and are taking her to Sickbay. As they get under way, he hopes this is the weirdest thing that happens during the mission.

Crewman Shylex Prufic, an Edosian along with Ensign Simon Vomek join Tyber to search for Rox. They head to the mess hall and find evidence that she’s been there in the form of a blue squale, her favourite drink, when suddenly, all the lights go out. While Tyber and Prufic head to the hallway, Vomek checks the dispenser and discovers the squale is gone. He suggests they try sickbay next, but Tyber indicates he had just come from there and she was not present. Vomek suggests making Doctor Kel uncomfortable to draw her out for she has a fondness for the man. Eventually, they decide to simply alert the bridge they have yet to find Rox.

Down in Engineering, Etan, Corelli, Byss, and Arlill theorise about the cause of their sudden trip through time, and Etan asks if anyone knows much about the older tech. The quartet then begin to discuss ways to get power back to the engines and systems, and any risks associated with doing so. The group try to figure out what is what and Promontory suggests they use what they have available to scan for quantum fluctuations. Corelli warns they can try to ‘jump start’ the engines, but it will have to be done manually, and there’s a chance of an explosion when forcing the matter/antimatter reaction. Arlill notes the fusion reactors are in safety mode and suggests they try to cycle and try to get them out of standby. The attempt is made and is successful, bringing back power to the ship.

Corelli then attempts to start the engines and alarms begin to blare. The chief orders Arlill to find the antimatter flow regulator control and to give a controlled burst on his mark to try and restart the engines. It is successful, but Commander Etan wants to run some tests of the propulsion systems before they go anywhere, then lets the bridge know his plan, while Corelli affirms the tests will have to be implemented manually. He orders Ensign Byss to round up more techs, then drafts Arlill to help monitor the coolant level.

As Etan orders Byss to monitor the intermix adjustment while he takes regulator control, the group is interrupted by a sudden shower of confetti from the ceiling. Etan dashes to a speaker which then blares out loud music, then suddenly the ship shakes and everyone gets thrown to the floor. Corelli thinks the bits got into the main plasma feed and also in the EPS Manifold which would then ignite them and cause an explosion. He suggests they inform the bridge then begins to pile up the bits of paper. Etan sends a crewman to inform the Commodore they may be delayed due to warp and propulsion systems getting clogged by the confetti. He asks if the systems can be flushed all at once and whether or not the ship has plasma reserves. After finding out how long Corelli thinks it will take, he insists that he do it in half the time.

Corelli takes a phaser to try and clear out the paper, but Etan is concerned that such a move can cause damage and explosions. He talks to Corelli about making sure he runs such ideas by the ranking officer before enacting them. He inquires as to the risks of using that method. They decide to use the transporters to lock onto the paper and the phasers alongside it. Commodore V’Airu then makes a call to Engineering to request an update. Etan informs her of the confetti problem, and suggests employing as many people to help speed up the process. He does so while Corelli explains why phasers can be used in some areas and not in others, and then adds that he can get a precise molecular frequency of the confetti to assist in the cleanup. Arlill helps and eventually they are able to get the information. Tyber calls down to Engineering to inform them of the lights going out, but there’s no discernible reason. They continue to work on getting everything cleaned up and fixed, and are eventually able to restore warp power, but Etan wants to keep a close eye on the warp drive. Corelli cautions that the old ship can’t just jump to warp but has to work its way up to higher speeds, then jokes they should get some towels to dampen the noise of the engines.

Among those who assist in the cleanup efforts are Lieutenants JG Zimedia Nijal and TK Cabrillo. Nijal reflects how out of place she feels in an error when Cardassians are not commonly known among the Federation. She comments on her appreciation for TK who, in turn, finds this woman is one of the few he can call a friend. The two continue to work on getting all of the confetti out of the systems.

Meanwhile, on Gelf, General Gef Gelfbloom, prophet of Gelf, gives a speech about the impending doom of the Great Gelf Purge to the planet and how many will meet the great Gelflord. Although he sends this planetwide, the powers that be block him halfway through his message. This irritates him as he wishes to spread the message to all. Enraged by the Gelferments decision, he orders a missile to target the Gelf Central City financial district. Within that financial district, a Gelfling named Balufdra sits in a bar, trying to ignore the news of impending doom and bummed that her lovers forgo her in favour of their families. She and the bartender converse about the gelfling star headed their way, but her concern is more over how bad it is for her cookware business. Suddenly, the message from General Gef Gelfbloom crackles onto the screen, then is cut off. She gets up to leave and walks into a street full of klaxon alarms and a screaming mob.


Grand Papasta Schtroumpf faces the Citizens' Brigade Delegation, made of panicked people in the midst of a crisis of Gelfic proportions and tries to portray a sense of normalcy and calm. Ironically, much of the argument surrounds commerce and what is and isn’t doing well. In the middle of the, he receives an urgent message from the Joint Con-commandant about a situation. After asking the guard to peacefully disperse the attendants of the meeting, he heads to the command center where he is told about an approaching missile. He gives permission to Mightiferous Bunyon Gelgamelff to take action against the missile, finds out there are multiple types of Doomsday cults from Aide-de-Gelf Flhevenblook, and receives a request from Starfleet to send any plans they have to save themselves, which sends doubts in the minds of the Gelflings of Starfleet’s ability to help them.

With some down time, Doctor Kel has reflections of a previous host’s life - that of Xam Kel. Their current time puts them a little over a year after Xam’s passing and leaving Millie a widow. In a moment of passion, he feels destiny might have brought them back together. Counsellor Nesre Salo arrives to check on the Trillorian.

After four hours of familiarising himself with the ship, Arilill finds a quiet corner to collect his thoughts about completing another generation’s mission. He reflects upon his time on the holodeck and is grateful for his time spent researching and learning about older technology, which has helped him adjust to the new environment. He ponders making a log, but is uncertain as to how to go about it or what good it might do. Eventually, he elects to go get some rest before his next shift.

Promontory spends some time with Ensign Tenna Emond, a science officer and El-Aurian, in the bowling alley, and he tells her about the appearance of a Q, shocking her. The two ponder over what Rox is and how the Q is connected, and decide to try and find organic residue from her to scan it and see if they can get more information. The search brings them to some senior officer’s quarters on Deck 5. They find more evidence and Emond thinks that Rox must have been human once, and likely still was, even with her abilities. Despite finding the residue, it doesn't lead them to any answers, either with Rox, or the Q with her. Emond suggests that when she *is* found, they appeal to her sense of humanity and hope she does the right thing.

Corelli makes a personal log and reflects on how often he is called upon in the strange situation with unfamiliar technology and appreciates the experience of getting to know tools in their own environment. He notes how many people are unhappy with the situation and the counsellors will have a time dealing with the consequences. He admits he’s adjusted to a more relaxed atmosphere of supervision which spurred an admonishment from Commander Etan, as well as reflects that it feels like it’s been a long time since he’s seen friends. Specifically, he finds himself confused over Katsim and thinks Keller would be a good friend to make trouble with. He ends the log wondering if they give too much and shouldn’t help themselves considering their predicament. And that he hopes the bed is comfortable.

Meanwhile, General Gelfbloom is mulling over the events that drastically increased membership in his cult and realises he just really wants a hot drink and a crumpet.

Act II

Commodore V’Airu keeps Corelli, Promontory, and Kessler on the bridge to build upon the work done by the previous members on the bridge and try to save the planet by creating some sort of shield using 23rd century technology. Promontory mentions one idea was to ionise the atmosphere, but that could have disastrous results. Corelli suggests either absorbing and/or deflecting the radiation or moving the pulsar itself. Taking that idea, Promontory asks if they could create a gravitational anomaly in the path and divert at least the bulk of the pulse with the technology they had. Kessler suggests using a graviton bream to open an artificial wormhole, and V’Airu cautions that they want to make sure they can control whatever they do. Kessler follows up with a suggestion to use electromagnetic fields and V’Airu asks how much power they could generate. Corelli cautions that generating a field that interacts with the pulsar’s magnetic field could cause space lightning. He goes on to suggest a gravity well by using the gravitational waves of the pulsar and focusing them into a singularity and enhancing that by creating a parabolic gravity reflector with the ship’s beam, thus creating the well. After crunching the numbers, Promontory estimates 10% of the planet will still suffer devastating effects. V’Airu wonders if they could combine it with an electromagnetic field if that would push it out of the way to mitigate the excess. The group plan to try the suggestion and Kessler volunteers to help with deflector dish reinforcements and warns they will be unavailable for 10 minutes during the process. As they begin to work, Rox arrives on the bridge and V’Airu informs her their plan is proceeding well. The room is suddenly filled with a bright light, and Corelli locks down the deflector controls to protect them from being used inadvertently or maliciously.

After receiving notice that a contact by the name of the United Flaberation has come for plants, General Gelfbloom puts in a call to the Intrepid and warns them they should leave or they will be committing Great Blasphemy. They are given a time frame to leave, otherwise he threatens to destroy the ship. By this time, Cabrillo and Nijal have finished cleaning the confetti and are monitoring the communications systems when they intercept the incoming transmission. Nijal asks him not to do that and quietly tells Cabrillo they need the bridge. Cabrillo establishes a link with them and sends the call there, and Nijal suggests they go find some ‘trouble’.

On the bridge, Kessler makes a comment about cleaning up the trash, and Rox snaps her fingers, somehow bringing everyone into an area of nothing but white surrounding them, joking it’s inside Kessler’s head. He tells her to stop or leave and she returns them to normal. She starts to amble around the bridge and he inches closer to the helm console. Suddenly, she falls back. When she rises and tries to move forward, she realises she’s in a forcefield again. She’s given a choice: help, or go to the brig As Jack is verbally prodding Rox, Cabrillo’s call comes through. He updates V’Airu, who then demands why Gelfbloom has threatened the Intrepid. Promontory assesses their threat and indicates they don’t have the type of fire power to harm the ship with a fully functional deflector array, but they had just taken the deflector down. Gelfbloom orders his people to launch a missile to detonate 1000 metres away from the vessel. Rox offers to handle the situation, but when the group won’t beam her down, she protests, saying she didn’t have much energy. V’Airu indicates she has to take responsibility for her own actions and not put the crew in a spot where they are responsible, so she transports herself.

Promontory notes there’s another energy spike and realises that the missile Gelfbloom detonated as a warning shot has released an EM pulse in the atmosphere and increased the destructive impact of the pulsar earlier than originally would. Corelli checks to see if the deflector team is ready to try their plan. They indicate they need more power and he tells them to feed warp power into the grid. V’Airu asks Promontory for more information and he indicates that because of the exacerbated effects, then 10% radiation not redirected by the gravity well could still cause a mass casualty event.

Down on Gelf, Rox tells Gelfbloom to turn the missile around and then they’ll party, and she makes fish fall from the ceiling. The Gelflings think she’s a god and ask her to help them with the apocalypse, then begin to worship her. Rox makes them get up and points out that they have a beautiful vibrant world and shouldn’t welcome an apocalypse. Gelfbloom misunderstands and says they welcome death. Rox insists that they open up the mountain so people can take shelter and survive. Quinta appears and insists the same, indicating the people should listen to the ‘gods’. Gphft wonders if this will help restore the faith of those who wavered.

Greaves, along with Arlill and Kel, prepare a shuttle to head to Gelf itself. The marine marvels at the difference between 23rd century craft and 24th century, and hopes it stands up to atmospheric flight. Kel reassures him that such vessels have withstood flying through hurricanes. The doctor then points to an area on the screen, where they are headed, and notes it’s where the missile came from and Arlill comments that it’s his first foray into a hostile situation. They aim toward a mountain where they plan to pick up some citizens trapped there, after which they plan to liaise with the head of the government. Kel gets some bios signs and helps guide Arlill to the right place for a rendezvous. They land and Kel asks if anyone needs medical assistance. An old Gelfling approaches and Greaves explains the situation. They realise there are too many people to fit into the shuttle. A gelfling elder by the name of Mamastra Rel introduces herself and explains that many don’t want to leave or are distrustful of aliens. She leads them to an old craft that could fly, but it needs some repair, so she asks them to help.

To do so would require either disabling or crippling the shuttle, which is necessary for protection. Rather than risk doing so, Greaves asks how many trips it would take to get all of them to the ship. With that taking too long, Greaves asks if there is a more creative solution, and whether or not the Intrepid has a store of spare parts that can be utilised. Kel suggests they tow it, and the group gets to work setting it up. Kel informs Rel who indicates the people had wanted to leave under their own power, but he convinces them to go.

Arlill gets back in the shuttle and begins to lift off, but the rear dorsal thruster fails and he realises he’d forgotten to clear the intakes. The motion causes the ramp to dig into the soil and he sets about trying to fix his mistake. Kel reassures him that this is a common mistake. He suggests while Arlill fixes things, he takes care of a dampening field to help protect the airship while Greaves hooks up the tow cable. Kel steps into the shuttle and thinks back upon Xam’s memory of being just married to the Trill’s wife, Millie. He comes back to reality, sets up the field, and indicates he’s ready to go. Interrupted by a call From Etan indiciating his team needs to speak with the government, Greaves closes the call then asks for help with the cable. Just before they are ready to get the kids to board, Arlill notices some elevated readings and Greaves informs them that Etan let them know the Pulsar has somehow moved closer and Etan and his team will meet with the government. Arlill announces for everyone to get on board, and they prepare to launch.

They communicate with the Gelfling vessel and Rel asks if they can monitor the systems to help smooth the ride. Kel reviews the maps and finds a series of caverns 100 miles south which is closer than the central shelter. Greaves agrees and checks on the integrity of the ship they are towing. Arlill detects some instabilities, but can compensate, then realises that the thrusters had fallen to 70% efficiency, and the number was falling. He elects to use the airship to help keep the rear of the shuttle up and rely on their forward momentum to make the caves, then warns those on the airship they are experiencing difficulties. They realise there is a cave in a mountain with some sort of door and they fly there only to find more Gelflings, all in black hooded robes. Kel gets out, tries to use a phaser to cause the entrance to collapse, but it’s not enough for such a large entrance. He decides to try and lead the Gelflings deeper into the mounts, and as he does so, Toxin shoots the control panel and the doors creak, then a minute later, they close.

On Gelf, Balufdra wakes up and realises she’s not at the bar anymore and feels the effect of being whisked violently away by a mom. A woman comes to offer a cold compress for her aching jaw and tells her she’s at Mount Gelferest. She realises this is the base operations for the Doomsday cult and demands to speak with someone. Seccna Gphft, a somewhat disillusioned member of the cult who was currently on guard duty, answers. They inform Balufdra that she can only talk to the doomsday preachers, that she should fall in line and everyone is going to die anyway. Unable to persuade him based upon her influence, she insists that she is allowed to use the lavatory and Gphft escorts her. Once in the privacy of the water closet, she tries to figure out how to escape, but comes up empty. Suddenly, Gphft announces he has to deal with a matter and leaves her unguarded. She takes the chance and runs, but is unable to find an escape route. She comes across Gphft and sees a bunch of fish on the floor. After spying a communications console, she uses that to try and quietly call for help.

As the bridge team gets ready to enact their plan, they receive another call from the surface of the planet, but it isn’t Gelfbloom. V’Airu answers, but Kessler reminds her time is short. Promontory traces the call and finds it’s from the same source as the missile. Even as the conversation continues, so does the formation of the gravity well, and Promontory tracks the progress. Preoccupied with a vital situation, V’Airu transfers Balufdra to officers Cabrillo and Nijal.

As they work on the deflector, it begins to overload and there’s danger of it burning out. V’Airu suggests using emergency power and drawing the main power down. They manage to divert enough of the pulsar to deflect about 90% of the radiation and hope that the other defences are enough to mitigate the effects of the rest of the 10%. V’Airu wants to try to find Rox and calls in one of the ship’s scientists, Lina Dahlquist for insight.

The call was overheard by Nijal and Cabrillo as they were still in the communications system. Nijal tries to trace it as Cabrillo brings her attention to a pattern repeating and coming from the pulsar. Nijal tells her companion to keep on it, then answers when the call from Balufdra is transferred to her. The Gelf demands they get her out of where she is, and Nijal explains she is not in a position to do so. Balufdra demands a ‘commando team’, and the Cardassian realises there are officers on the planet. Since they had traced the call, she tells Balufdra she can let them know where she is or transfer the call to another officer. Briefly, she puts the Gelf on hold and checks in with Cabrillo on what he’s found. Cabrillo has discovered some sort of signal, but what exactly it is, they aren’t sure. Nijal goes back to Balufdra and asks for more information so a team can be sent to her. Cabrillo and Nijal talk a little between themselves, then Nijal goes back to Balufdra and asks if she had a communication or location device on her.

Down on Gelf, Etan, Tyber and Katsim (along with Echo), head to a residential tower and start going through to help move residents to the underground shelter. On the 16th floor, a Gelfling female by the name of Terry slams the door in their faces. A moment later, her son, Grian, opens it and invites them in, evidently besotted with Katsim. The group try to convince Terry of the need to get to safety, and after some back and forth, she agrees as long as they take her ‘babies’ - two ornate statues known as ‘glarks’. Tyber assures her the radiation won’t harm them, but the woman is unwilling to go without them. Grian offers to carry them, but Terry smacks him and won’t, evidently because he accidentally destroyed one in the past. She indicates she wants Tyber to carry them and he agrees. He takes them, but the support he receives gives Grian new courage. He takes the statues and prevents his mother from arguing. He then shows them out to get to the shelter.

The group leave Grian and his mother and elect to meet with the government. After confirming this with the Commodore, the trio set out and arrived at the Communications Center, welcomed by the Grand Papasta and his aide. They allow them access and use to their consoles and files in the hopes they can find a better way of protecting their citizens. Tyber notes the communications system is down and suggests they bring it back up to send a warning and message to the citizens to seek shelter. Etan gets specifications on a defence satellite system and suggests they could utilise it to help protect the citizens. Katsim suggests they arrange the satellites and use them to create an electromagnetic field to protect the Gelflings, but realises they are one short to do so effectively - until she thinks of using the Intrepid as part of the system. The group set out to set up the system and create the field.

Back in the mountain, Balufdra is frustrated at the communication with the ship and demands they rescue her. Nijal says they can send a team, and all this happens while Rox is trying to convince General Gelfbloom to get people inside the mountain to protect them from the pulsar’s radiation. Quinta appears and seemingly tries to do the same in her Q like way, but refuses to simply magic away all the problems. The Q then puts Gphft in charge and while Gelfbloom protests, another gelfling informs him that some sort of ship with aliens on it has crashed into the mountain. Gelfbloom gives up and goes to hide in his office. Roxy tells Balufdra and Gphft to get everyone inside the mountain and disappears.

With the Gelfling airship towed rather hurriedly into the mountain, the officers do what they can for the residents, then head back to the Intrepid for a brief respite.

Interlude II

Doctor Kel approaches Commodore V’Airu and asks her to take the ship to Starbase 12 where Millie, the wife of Xam Kel, resides in that time. V’Airu refuses as it would violate the temporal directive as well as go against the Symbiote commission of Trill. Angry, Kel leaves and decides to hijack the Intrepid himself when he runs into Nesre. Realising something is wrong, she tries to bring V’Len back to the forefront. Bringing up Millie, she indicates she wishes to help him. Mollified by the idea that that help consists of getting him to Starbase 12, Kel goes with Nesre who takes him to Sickbay. When he thinks that she wants Rox to transport him to the Starbase, she indicates that wasn’t what she meant, and finally injects him with benzocyatizine because she suspects his isoboramine levels were low. It works and V’Len is able to take control. Nesre admits she broke some rules for although she only used a very low dose, she did not scan him before administering medication. The two decide to get back to trying to find a way home.


Commander Etan takes the bridge along with Lieutenant Arlill. Lieutenant Kel is also there, partially because Commodore V’Airu wants him under supervision after he attempted to get her to take him to Starbase 118 so he could reunite with a past host’s wife. Because of the strange behaviour of the pulsar, the crew continues to track it. Suddenly, a science console beeps. The computer picks up some sort of resonance from the pulsar that sounds like music made by Tibetan bowls. Corelli’s call comes through and he asks them to send a list of secondary repairs. Etan tells Arlill to do so, and they return focus back to the pulsar. After sending the list, Arlill notices some damage under the ops console and decides to take care of it himself, though the panel breaks loose as he opens it and hits him in the head. Etan, still concerned about the pulsar, asks how long it would take them to reach the pulsar if they break orbit, and Arlill tells him about twenty two minutes at warp 2. With the sound coming from what seems to be the surface of the pulsar,

The sound turns out to be a conversation between people who are listed on the manifest of the Intrepid, and they deduce that somehow these people have been transported somewhere somehow, and Arlill wonders if it’s a pocket universe. Etan asks Kel if they can possibly establish a two way communication with the crew of the Intrepid. Conversation continues about what this thing is and someone suggests it’s the Nexus. Johnson indicates that if that’s the case, then something’s wrong as the nexus is too early. The group discuss that it might be something similar, *a* nexus even if it wasn’t *the* Nexus.

Down in Engineering, Corelli calls Cabrillo, Johnson, and Nijal to work together, and remarks that it would be better to have exposed machinery. Cabrillo and Johnson indicate there are problems with this, but then move on to the matter at hand - fixing what needed to be fixed after the demands the crew made on it to redirect the pulsar. The team split up, Johnson going to fix a console on the bridge while Corelli heads to Main Engineering with Cabrillo and Nijal. The three begin to run diagnostics and make repairs. Corelli says he’s going to specifically check the torque on the coolant couplings, but when he tries to open the pipe, he can’t, so asks both Nijal and Cabrillo to help. The three of them manage to get it open. Once they take care of the couplings, Corelli mentions that Ensign Rocco Tartaglia should be on duty and calls him to the Antimatter control and the group starts working on the transporter systems. Tartaglia reports that the transition coils are shot and asks for the status report on the industrial replicator to see if it will save him a trip back to engineering, but he is reminded as to when they are - replicators are not in use yet. When Nijal and Cabrillo get out phasers to phase away the confetti, Corelli tells them not to in such a volatile environment. The group set about manually removing confetti, then gathering supplies from a supply closet to try to figure out how to repair or replace the coils. The group work for hours and get the engines running smoothly before they finally take a break, and Corelli starts to ask them about their future goals, particularly Tartaglia. After a break, Johnson heads back to the bridge and Corelli is contacted by Etan

V’Airu and Greaves head to meet the Grand Papasta on Gelf and arrive, asking what he and his people most need. V’Airu offers to take an inventory of what supplies the Intrepid has to offer to the people of Gelf. Greaves lets him know that while their own resources are limited, Starfleet can send more aid, but he offers communication devices since their own communications system is down. The Papasta accepts and asks what the Gelflings can do to help the Intrepid help them. V’Airu asks for a list of what they need so the crew can gather what they can together quickly and send it down. The Papasta provides it and Greaves sends the list to the ship. While they wait, the Papasta offers a tour, and the Officers accept. V’Airu inquires whether or not the Gelflings requested assistance from anyone other than Starfleet and Greaves comments that it’s outside of the normal scope for traditional assignments, then realises it was probably not the right thing to mention. V’Airu indicates their main purpose is exploration, and both she and Greaves try to steer the conversation back to the tour

The Papasta then suggests they visit the Joint Military Advisors’ Command Centre, which V’Airu suggests Greaves might be interested in, but she herself inquires more into his people and their culture before sharing some about Vulcan culture. Greaves sympathises with the Papasta and, after reassuring that the Federation will surely help them, recalls human history, that adversity helped them to grow closer as a people and offers hope that perhaps that will happen to the Gelflings. The Papasta finds it difficult to remain optimistic and indicates perhaps a new leader will help move their people forward. With the Papasta uncertain as to whether the officers should stay or go, V’Airu offers to remain another hour in support of the leader before they head back to the ship. Greaves focuses back on their destination - the command center. Greaves starts asking more about the Gelf military and offers some of the differences between theirs and Starfleet.

Taking a shuttle, Kessler heads down to Gelf with Ensign Tyber and 1st Lieutenant Michele Winters, a former love interest. They plan to rendezvous with the Grand Papasta Schtroumpf at the Communications Centre, but when they send a message, they receive no reply. They continue their approach, Winters and Kessler bantering on the way much to the amusement of Tyber. Upon landing, they are greeted by Flhevenblook who tells them their communications are currently down. When asked how the officers can help, she suggests they might be able to offer some reassurance and establish some order to the process of getting people back to their homes.

Kessler elects to start a triage center with Winters right where they’ve landed the shuttle. Meanwhile, Tyber heads off with Flhevenblook to check out the communications systems and why they aren’t functioning. As he runs a diagnostics, he asks if she could check on a couple of gelflings named Grian and his mother Terry, then discovers the long-range transmitter is fried. In order to communicate with the rest of the gelflings, he ties into the shuttle’s long range systems and allows Flhevenblook to broadcast that way. She sends an impassioned message, lets them know they can go home, and informs them of how to get medical assistance if needed.

In the science lab, Katsim, Promontory, and Dahlquist work diligently to find a way back to their own time, but the matter is complicated because they are on a ship that belongs in the past. The three try to come up with a solution, and Promontory brings up the Guardian of Forever. The term isn’t one well known to either, but Katsim recognises it as a version of the “Shudaya Narek” legend, translated as “Keeper of Eternity”. Dahlquist recollects vaguely something about it, but it is Promontory who knows more and tells them of how it could be used to get home. Katsim is uncertain that option should be used unless they exhaust anything else, then gets the idea that perhaps they could use technology to manipulate tachyon particles and get them home, but realises they may not have tech in that century which can do it.

They are interrupted by a call from the bridge about a strange signal they received through which they can hear the voices of other Starfleet officers, possibly the crew of the Intrepid. Katsim requests some time to investigate it, and as he commlink closes, Toxin wonders if they are sharing the same space in parallel universes and the pulsar was somehow allowing certain energies to cross over.

Katsim assigns tasks to each of them to research in an effort to find answers. A few minutes later, she makes a discovery- calculations showed there should be pulsar emissions from a neutron star where they were located in 2400. Dahlquist wonders if there’s somehow a link between that one and the one in the 2260s. She searches for Tachyons and finds a large amount associated with the Gelfling pulsar. Katsim theorises that Rox’s abilities may have somehow been a catalyst and suggest they bring her down and run some scans, though Promontory questions whether or not she’d be willing. However, he’d gotten a scan earlier and thinks they could use it as a comparison if they can get a newer one. She calls Rox who agrees and heads to the science lab. When she arrives, she asks what is going on with the talking bells on the bridge. They run scans and discover that she’s out of phase after comparing to scans from earlier. Taking a look at the scans from the pulsar, they make a connection between Rox and the pulsar and Katsim theorises they need to fly to the pulsar and have Rox think of home. She contacts the bridge and asks them to let them know when the away teams are there. Once everyone is returned and they get near the pulsar, they try out Peri’s theory. It works, the crew is returned to their normal time and on the Oumuamua. Finding herself under the stern gaze of V’Airu, Rox sees herself to the brig.