The Hidden Planet - Mission To Darius Prime (Indria-A)

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The Hidden Planet

Cmdr Cura Assanti had been assigned a mission by Fleet Captain Rocar Drawoh. She would be commanding a mission aboard the Nebula Class USS Indria-A. The mission would take them close to the Romulan Neutral Zone to begin with and where they would end of after that, no one knew.

SFI had assigned Cura's mother, Zoe Assanti, to investigate and find out information regarding a new technology, rumored to be in use. This technology was a planetary cloaking device, developed and engineered by a renouned scientist named Devander. However, instead of divulging the information to SFI, Zoe Assanti refused to tell them what she knew and resigned her position. Several years passed. What had once been hunted down, became lost in time and space. Yet, it was never forgotten.

Now some 5 years later, SFI is still looking for the technology. They knew who to call on. It was SFI's thought that Cmdr Cura Assanti knew something about the technology, something that had been passed from mother to daughter. Having being given this task, Cmdr Cura Assanti took it on with great eagerness.

The information SFI gave her consisted of information regarding a team of scientist who had been sent by SFI undercover to find our more about the technology. The scientist were enroute back to Star Base 118 aboard a civilain transporter. However, the transport didn't arrive on schedule. Their mission is to search for the scientists, find out what they know and then proceed on and locate the "hidden planet".

Cmdr Assanti, before the ship departs Starbase 118, recalls that her mother, Zoe Assanti, had entrusted her with a priceless painting. Yet on the back of the painting were a series of numbers. Cura thought they were the coordinates to the cloaked planet. This, as of yet has not been confirmed. Cura puts her Intelligence Officer, Lt. Cmdr T'Lea on the task of imputting the numbers to see if they lead anywhere. Cura orders for the science department to work with the Ops department to boost their scanners so they might increase their chances on locating the transport from Romulus Prime. At present, they are on course towards the Romulan Neutral Zone. Hopefully, enroute, they will encounter their lost ship which would hopefully have their lost scientsts aboard...

Captain's Log Supplemental...

After battling with a surprise attack by a Klingon Bird of Prey, the Indria had barely gotten away after totally crippling the Klilngoon vessel. However, being a bit more compassionate, Captain Assanti had decided to leave the totalled Klingon vessel where it was and tend to their own damages and get back on track towards the Romulan Neutral Zone. Ensign Baker and Lt. Banks were overtaxed but were able to get the Indria back up and running in record time. Only able to do Warp factor 7, the ship continued at Warp factor 6.5 to the Neutral Zone. At long last, they found the Civilian Transport, yet it had been attacked by a cloaked Romulan Warbird. To further complicate things, upon arrival, another Klingon ship, which had found the other damaged Klingon vessel some distance away began to make inquries. By a stroke of luck, Romulan Star Fighers were able to fend off the Klingon vessel, giving the Indria time enough to escape and cross into the Neutral Zone with invitation from the Captain of the Civilian Transporter. An away team headed by Captain Assanti were drop-beamed over to the transport ship and were able to restore some order there. Yet they beamed back to the Indria, only to be faced with a cloaked Romulan Warbird intent on getting the scientist who had escaped in a shuttle from the transnport ship. In a battle of tractor beams, the Indria tried to take hold fo the shuttle that, having seen the Federation ship, stuck around for their help.

To ensure that they win this battle, Cura called up the Romulan fleet who she hoped were still enroute to save their civilians. The fleet was merely moments away and their prescence was soon made known. Five Romulan ships decloaked and hailed the Indria inquiring of the rogue Warbird, which had conveniently cloaked and disappeared after giving the Indria some shaks, rattles and rolls to remember them by.

After thanking the Romulan Praetor T'Val for sending the Warbird fleeing, Praetor T'Val suggested that her fleet of ships escort the Indria back to Federation space. Being very appreciative of this suggestion, Captain Assanti made a unothodox suggestion herself, which was to host the Romulans on their ship at a reception. Praetor T'Val seemed pleased with the invitation and agreed to attend the next evening.

Captain Assanti, glad that the worst was over for the time being, called for a staff meeting, with the scientists in attenance. A lot of technical information was revealed as well as information regarding the inhabitants of the cloaked planet. The scientists also showed the Indria crew a image of Darius Prime and described it in detail as well as how the scientist DeVander had developed the cloak specifically for the planet. The scientists also informed the Indria crew that the inhabitants did not wish to be found. Captain Assanti soon realized that by going to the cloaked planet, they would then reveal it's location to everyone that might or might not be following them. The question of weather to go to the planet rested with her, but at the meetinng, Captain Assanti and her crew mates decided that it was best to mislead the ships following them.

Captain Assanti decided to put those plans into action. Sending out probes to distract the possible ships that would follow them and other ideas were discussed put into action. Captain Assanti put her Counselor and Chief of Security on the scietist, stressing that their comfort and safety be priority as the rogue Romuland Commander Sian would most likely not stop from trying to secure them for herself. Then, Cura put her science officers on modifying the probes to emit readings that a cloak would with the help of 2 of the scientists.

Ensign Baker had also discussed how they could locate the cloaked planet by it's gravitational readings, which Cura had thought was very ingenious idea. She put Ensign Baker and Commander Perkins on that task and dismissed the crew. She remined them of the Gala and the attaire was to be dress whites.

For less than 24 hours, the crew had some well needed and deserved down time.

At 1800 hrs, the Romulan Praetor T'Val and company beamed over for the reception. After a tense moment in the transporter room, weapons were confiscated and the party moved on to the Star Lounge, she ships common area.

All seemed to be going far.

Captain's Long Supplemental...Stardate 238510.25

During the party with the Romulans, Lt. Cmdr. Tash Zubowskivich, newly decorated Second Officer, had excused himself from the festivities with one of the Romulan, female Sub-Commanders. When they were alone, the Sub-Commander gave Lt. Cmdr Zubowskivich a disc to give Mellia, the ships new "guest". When they returned from their disappearance, which had managed to make some waves in the starlight lounge with the Romulan Prator and their party, the Sub Commander planted at passionate kiss on the Secon'd Officer to the shock and amazement of all. After this, the Romulans and the Prator decided to abruptly leave the ship and beamed out. Not long after this, Cmdr Perkins saw two Romulans leaving the party area. He followed only to get his hand shot off by their disrupters. Ensign Locke found Cmdr Perkins and notifed Dr. Jarak, Perkins was beamed to Sick Bay, without his hand. The Romulan Intruders were pursued by Lt. Baker, who followed them down a jefferies tube hatch. While the Romulan Intruder was being captured, Another situation began is the shuttle bay. A traitor took captive Lt. Banks and forced Banks to open communications with Cmdr Assanti. The traitor demanded Mellia be brought to the shuttle bay and that they be given a shuttle. Cmdr Assanti sent newly decorated Second Officer, Lt. Cmdr Zubowskivich to get Mellia their Tal Shiar guest to the shuttle bay, with intension of "pretending" to do what was asked. Ensign Locke had devised a plan that would distract the traitor and give Lt. Cmdr Zubowskivich a chance to apprehend the traitor and save Lt. Banks. However, something went wrong. Disrupter fire from another location in the shuttle bay struck out and would have hit Mellia but Lt. Cmdr Zubowskivich, security officer to the end, stepped into the line of fire and took the hit. This shot, instantly killed Lt. Cmdr Tash Zubowskivich. Despite efforts to save him. he died. Ensign Locke dashed in to the shuttle bay and apprehended the susspect and called for security to beam him out to a cell. Mellia was escorted back to her quarters. Cmdr Assanti give Ensign Locke and Lt Banks of few hours.

After everything settled down, the Indria proceeded to the Azure Nebula. Previous plans which had been discussed during the initial staff meeting were ordered to proceed. Baker's gravitational well search idea as well as the modificaton of long range probes to mimick what a planatary cloak would display were set. By the time they would reach the Nebula, Cmdr Assanti had hoped that they would be prepared to face the Darians.

Enroute to the Azure Nebula, a strange phenomenon took place. They were hailed by what had looked to be a Federation starship, a Defiant Class, yet after a short conversation, the ship disappeared completely. This of course left Cmdr Assanti puzzled but with nothing taking place, she soon dismissed it. Cmdr Assanti announced the death of Lt. Cmdr Tash Zubowskivich and said a little something over the interior com system since time would not allow for a proper memorial service. Not long after this, they reached the Azure Nebula. Immediately, they were faced with an astroid field and a lone Star Figther approaching. Cmdr Assanti ordered for the ship to be tractored into the shuttle bay. Then, the ship was agan attacked, not by Romulans but by a new race, called the Carnonians. To get past the Indria's shields the Carnonains used a phasing transport of sorts and appeared in Main Engineering. Then using EMP charges, they rendered the ship powerless as an EMP burst erupted throughout the ship. Since the ship had been trying to navigate the astroid field, the loss of power through the ship off course and it drifted into the astroids, rocking the ship but still maintaining sturctural integrity.

Cmdr Cura Assanti, now very pissed off, ordered Lt. Fanel and Lt Vetri to accompany her down the jefferies tubes to Engineering as the last words of the computer had answered the question of where the problems had orginated. Enroute down the ladders, Lt. Vetri had inquired if this was the right course of action. Yet, Cmdr Assanti, knowing that communications were down, wanted to make sure she would know what was going on and that she'd be there to stop any more people dying. Lt. Wentworth had responded and his men were in place when Cmdr Assanti and her small group arrived. A plan of action was devised by Wentworth and Fanel. Yet, Cmdr Assanti had not wanted a fire fight. Instead, she negotiated with the Carnonians and a mutual agreement was met. The Carnonians would remain on board until Cmdr Assanti would hand over the inifomation concerning the planetary cloak.

This, of course, presented the Indria crew with problems in dealing with the Carnonains as they had to follow them everywhere. It was also part of the agreement with the Carnonians that power would be restored to the Indria. In the meantime, Cmdr Assanti had felt a strange presence and had gone to Sick Bay to make sure what she felt was real. When she entered, she saw Lt Cmdr Zubowskivich, alive. After hearing the report on Lt. Cmdr Zubowskivich coming back to life, Cmdr Assanti had a brief but meaningful talk with Tash. Then, s he returned to the bridge to do her duty, which was to complete their mission. The Indria proceeded ahead.

The Darians were concerned. They squabbled over what to do and finally came to the decision that they would go out and meet the Federation ship. Within the misty fog of the Azure Nebula, the USS Indria was confronted by a large, planet size mammoth of the ship. Cmdr Assanti did not raise shileds or arm weapons but orded for them to hail the ship. A response came from the Darians. Negotiations started with an invitation from the Darians to come aboard their Battle Star.

Cmdr Assanti ordered for an away team. In the meantime the Carnonians began fighting with one another and they soon departed, being called away by their fleet to fight another more important fight. A team of seven, including the Darian guest beamed over to the Darians Battle Star.

Negotiations were short and soon Cmdr Assanti was able to pursuade the Darians they they had not come to cause trouble but to potect them and keep the cloak from falling into the wrong hands. The Darians although they didn't want or need the Federations help had finally understood why they had come. They were then allowed to leave the system. During their departure, Cmdr Assanti was asked a few personal question by DeVander, the creator of the cloak. The questions were of Cmdr Assanti's mother. Cmdr Assanti reveal that her moher had died trying to keep the cloaked planet secret. The away team was beamed back to the ship.

Upon return to the Indria, Cmdr Assanti order for course heading back to Starbase 118 where they would repair the ship, receive supplies and personnel and family members.

Cmdr Assanti brought out the Romulan Ale that had been given tothem by Captain T'Val of the Romulan Civilain Transporer, which they had assisted and shared it with her senior staff. Althought she called all senior officers to the conference room to indulge in the Romulan Ale, not everyone showed up. Yet to her surprise, MC Dade Adarnis, had recovered from his bout of illness that had literally run thought his entire marine squad. Not long after that, Cmdr Assanti got close to Ensign Locke, who had a cylinder of bio-cybornetic goo in his pocket which triggered Cmdr Assanti's Borg nanites still hidden within her system. Cmdr Assanti dropped to the floor convulsing. Lt Vetri and Ensign Locke tried to assist but Vetri suffered a telepatic flash of what Cmdr Assanti was experiencing. The shock of this forced her back suddenly.

Engisn Locke proceeded to a science lab to investigate further the cybornect goo. Then two Bynars, Bit and Byte called for Ensign Locke to come to their lab. Afte further discussion it was reveal by Bit and Byte that an Artificial Intelligence had esaped during the Carnonian's raid on the Indria. With the power loss an experiment of the AI was let loose and trapped into the ships main computer core. This had caused all the minor gliches in the ships systems. The replicator going on the blink, turbo lifts malfunctioning and lights blinking on and off. Ensign Locke called for his department head, Lt. Cmdr Banks and the same story was reveal to her. Their decision on what to do is still pending. In the meantime. Cmdr Assanti was beamed to the sttions Medical Center where Dr Julia Harden and Dr. Krescha and newly arrived Intelligence Officerand former doctor of Cmdr Assanti could work on her current nanite problem. Since Cmdr Assanti as incompassitated, she was hoping that Cdmr Perkins or Lt Cmdr Zubowskivich or Lt. Cmdr Fanel would seek to give the crew the green light for shore leave.

Cmdr Assanti plans to report to Fleet Captain Rocar once she is out of Sick Bay and recovered. She would regret to inform that Fleet Captain that the location of the cloaked planet had been attained but seeing teh actual cloaking device had nto come about. Due to the Darain's insistance that they leave, she had not wanted to press their luck, having already offended their by coming in the first place. She would turn over all the scientists had found and she would give Fleet Captain Rocar theh painting that had led them to the planet's presumed location. She would advice that the Darians not be sought out again.

Counselor's Personal Log