The Garden of Kepos (Constitution)

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It is said that the one constant in the universe is CHANGE. That certainly was true for the crew of the USS Constitution.

The First Officer, a battle-hardened professional was getting married, . . . to a queen. The "royal wedding" was beautiful, but, BEHIND the scenes there was more than a little turmoil and conflict. It would seem that not everyone was happy having a Human for a King. Starfleet wanted some changes, too. They wanted the Constitution to head on to its next mission!! The wedding WAS indeed beautiful. Even the Klingon raised Human, D'Warta went through a "change" finding herself in a DRESS !!! The "royal couple" went on a brief but beautiful honeymoon, as the Constitution headed through the anomaly to their new home.

SCORES of new personnel came onboard for the assignment. There were additional Science officers, Security officers and Medical officers. The mission briefing was started off with promotions for many of the officers. THEN, there were reassignments. The android Chief Engineer AARIN became the Mission Specialist. Dr. Dodge took over Security, and Commander KitiganZibi-Hebron became the Second Officer. But, not everyone took the changes easily.

The planet was named Kepos Prime. Kepos being the Greek word for "Garden." The teams began to beam down, led by the Brikar Captain, but like another Garden, there was a serpent. The planet seemed like it might be some sort of "junkyard" for the Borg. With THAT ominous cloud hanging in the air the crew began to explore the new planet.

The crew of the USS Constitution was on the far end of a wormhole, establishing a colony on the planet now named, "Kepos Prime." The colony was of vital importance, being right at the entrance to the anomaly back to the Alpha Quadrant.

The experienced crew of the USS Constitution was a good choice, as Fleet Captain Hebron had led them on many other dangerous but successful missions. Still, no matter how much planning, how much preparation there is for such a great endeavor, there were bound to be obstacles. The crew just had no way of knowing how many obstacles they would encounter.

Commander Stone led a group into the tunnels hunting some large prey which may have to be moved. While they were expecting to see large game, they were not planning to run into some of Lt. Dodge's old friends. The team was surprised by a group of heavily armed mercenaries, whom Dodge had known in his years away from Starfleet. The new Chief of Security had to think fast. He pretended to turn against his Federation shipmates, helping to disarm them, while at the same time secreting a phaser into the First Officer's boot. The big question was, "whose side is he really on?" When the shooting started, Dodge stood with his shipmates, stood until he took a phaser hit to his chest.

Lt. Commander Diamond, the Chief Medical Officer, was leading a team. The doctor was doing research on the Borg, and the planet was known to be the dumping ground, for the lack of a better term, for reject Borg. Dr. Diamond's team had run into some real trouble but had won out in the end.

Commander KitiganZibi-Hebron was leading a team into the blacked out area of the planet. The region was an enigma. No amount of scans penetrated the region, so she took a team on the ground right into the area. As they approached, bad weather very suddenly sprang up. The closer they got, the worse the weather. It led the Takaran Science officer to wonder if the weather was not some kind of artificially produced defense. They found glowing columns at the entrance of a vast cave, and Tr'Get, the Bolian Security Officer, discovered a beam that seemed to be causing the weather. KitiganZibi-Hebron's team moved into the caves out of the weather, and eventually down into the tunnels. What they encountered was another mystery, predators, with bits and pieces of Borg implants in their stomach. It looked like they had been eating Borg.

Back at base-camp, Fleet Captain Hebron had problems of his own! The mighty Constitution was being ordered back to the Alpha Quadrant. That meant, the colonists were being hastily dumped on the planet surface in order to facilitate the departure of the USS Constitution. Teams were beaming down with equipment, but, in all the confusion, things were sure to be missed. So much was happening and most of it was not good. In the midst of the confusion, the chaos, the ambush by mercenaries. Counselor Cura Stone was assimilated by the Borg.

This planet is to be the first Federation colony within the Delta Quadrant. The crew beamed down to the surface in order to scout out an area for the main camp. Once this was accomplish, FltCapt Xan Hebron sent out three groups to different locations.

After he sent out the group, the Constitution was called back to Starbase 118. Hebron stayed behind on the planet, along with the first group that arrived to Kepos.

LtCmdr Paul Diamond led a group to discover why the Borg on the planet are defective. The group discovered that the defective drones are mainly on half breeds, consisting of two different species from two different worlds. With a major struggle they were able to get this information back to camp. Another group, led by Cmdr John Stone, was sent into an area to discover more about the animal life on Kepos Prime. This group, however, discovered a smuggling ring and was able to take them into custody.

The final group, led by LtCmdr Merigold KitiganZibi-Hebron, was sent into a sensor blacked out area. They discovered an old Borg machine, which was causing the black out. It was also disturbing the weather in the area. Upon getting closer to the machinery, the weather became hectic for those back at the main camp site. They were able to shut it down, but not before the unfortunate demise of Lt. Tom Dodge and Ltjg Dan Palmar. The crew will morn their loss.

Now that everyone is back at the camp, Stone and KitiganZibi-Hebron were sent to bring the Constitution back to Kepos Prime. Since their departure, Fleet captain Hebron was contacted by a race who want assistance in bringing peace to their home world. Hebron plans to go to the planet to help out the peace accord. He will be leaving Diamond in charge of the colony. Only time will tell what this will bring for the crew.

Over the past month, the work of the Constitution-B crew on Kepos Prime has been coming along well. The Borg were driven away, at least for the moment, and work has begun studying the technology left behind. This month also marked the return of LT Pietro Maximoff from a year-long LOA. His work, along with the newly appointed Chief of Science Ensign Rowanna Briels, led to the discovery of hybrid technology on the planet, which included four different types - 1. Klingon-Romulan technology, which is nothing new, 2. Federation-Klingon technology, which had rather poor effects, 3. Federation-Klingon-Romulan technology, a rather interesting and effective blending of the three technologies, and 4. Federation-Romulan technology. Remarkably, the final hybrid worked the best of the four, although that posed a few problems, especially considering the research from the past that showed an impossibility for that blending.

Captain Xan Hebron, along with LTCMD Cura Stone and Ensigns Jovita and Tr'Get, departed on the Shuttle Washington on course to the Banaor System, after an Admiral K'Tar requested Hebron's help on a diplomatic mission of peace. They had a safe departure, but were caught in a temporal anomaly and ended up in the Banaor System, before the wars had begun. Hebron ordered no contact with the world, both because of the Timeline and the Prime Directive, but eventually the more primitive race began an attack. The attack was stopped, though Jovita and the attackers were lost. All of the wreckage was removed and the away team went back through the temporal anomaly. Once they arrived in the correct time, they found that the war torn planet was no longer war torn - the attackers had likely been the ones to start the wars. A diplomatic mission turned into a simple first contact. By this time, the Washington had rendezvoused with the USS Constitution-B, and the remaining crew of the away team was very happy to be home.

Meanwhile, back at Kepos Prime, LTCMD Diamond was doing a fine job leading the rest of the crew in working on the colony. Maximoff had been incapacitated by an unknown viral organism, but was cured and eventually returned to duty. The process of building defenses and other buildings for the colony would begin, led by Maximoff and Briels, working with the engineering and science teams.