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The Fielding League

Early in Laudean history, numerous institutions grew around the Fielding, and those who are most able to sense energy. The Fielding League has been the most powerful of the institutions, and has shown a remarkable modern popularity, due in part to the oppressive control of the population in the past. This is the closest thing that the Laudeans have to a Universal religion.

Coven Leaders

The Fielding League's leadership at the lowest level consists of "Coven Leaders," who facilitate the local ministries of Fielding "covens." These covens gather regularly to practice using the Fielding, which some Laudeans seem to believe has the ability to heal one spiritually, when used in the proper manner.

  • Coven Leaders are traditionally addressed as "Your Grace."

The Elders

The highest body of the Fielding League includes the Elders, headed by the "Feldleser." Through constant use and practice of the ability, these Elders seem to show the most talent of understanding energy fields throughout the entire population of Laudeans.

  • Elders are traditionally addressed as "Your Eminence."

The Feldleser

The current Feldleser has not been seen for over two decades. The most powerful and tutored Laudean in the art of fielding, he is the highest authority of the Fielding League and selected from within the Elders.

  • The Feldeser would be addressed as "Your Holiness."

The Covot Guards

Despite wearing an elaborate ceremonial uniform, the Covot Guards are renowned as being the strongest and best trained armed force on Duronis II.

Traditionally, the ruling monarch of each province would select his best officers and send them to join the Covot Guard. Since the Revolution, the number of people sent to the Covot Guard has dwindled, but an act of parliament instructs each province to continue sending officers.

Their duty is one of utmost loyalty to the Fielding League. Their duty is to defend the Feldleser, his elders and the Great City from all enemies, and it is a responsibility each member of the Covot Guard takes very seriously. To be a Covot Guard is considered one of the greatest honors a Laudean can seek to attain.

Ironically, their reputation as the best trained armed force has long prevented them from seeing any major offensives, so much so that the Great City was one of the few places on Duronis II to remain undamaged in the revolutionary years.

Still today, the Covot Guards protect all of the Great City, especially key areas such as the cathedral of Diamoclease I.

Historical Figures of the Fielding League

Diamoclease I

Diamoclease I was the founder of the Fielding League. Credited as the first Laudean to bring people together and share the Fielding experience in a group - he created the first covens. Born in Damodara, the province of his birth is now a stronghold of the Fielding League, and it's countryside is littered with Cathedrals. The site of Diamoclease's first coven is reputed to have been at the center of where the Great City was built. The largest cathedral in the Great City is the Cathedral of Diamoclease I and contains at least one carving of the great Laudean.