The Enemy Within (Vigilant)

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The Vigilant while on route to Deep Space 6 was diverted to Duronis II to assist with a invasion of Bluegills that is attempting to overrun the Govinda Province which houses the Federation Embassy. Under the command of Commander Reinard the Vigilant rendezvous with Captain Herrera in orbit. The Vigilant crew is teamed up with Fleet Captain Turner of the Embassy and her crew. The away teams is divided into 4 smaller units with local Laudeans militia assisting in the defense of the embassy. The goal is to find the source of the infestation and eliminate it before it can get a strong foot hold on the planet. The USS Thunder-A and the Vigilant stay in orbit providing support but are basically quarantined as they do not wish the infection to spread to the ship, or let the bluegills have a starship to spread across the quadrant.

The teams are integrated from both ships, and the search at first is fruitless to start. The medical team attempts to remove a blue gill from an infected host, but it proves impossible. The Laudean hosts will have to be destroyed.

There were some light attacks on the Embassy compound during the first day, but by night the attacks became relentless and the security force under Major Parker and Lt. Cmdr Eerie under increasing pressure were required to pull back to prepared strong points. The Major interrupted a major attack on the power plan but Commander Reinard was seriously wounded in the attack. During the massive assault Ensign Varis, T’Rella were killed and so was Lt. Solor in fighting with the infested Laudeans.

Finally the away team, which was co headed by Major Leo-Handley Page, finds the blue gill brood mother and the Iconian Gateway which they used to get onto the planet. Both the brood mother and the gate is destroyed. The timing couldn’t of been better as security forces were being pressed from all sides in and around the Federation embassy complex. With out the brood mother, the invasion dies out immediately.