The Ehrud (Paladin)

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((Episode-nav-end|Paladin|The Kalutauri Encounter}}

  • Duration - 238001.15-238009.15
  • Mission Title - The Ehrud
  • Mission Tag - ?

Mission Brief

  • NOTE: Captain Daninburg left the PALADIN at DS23 on a covert mission. In her absence, XO Mike Weller was acting Commanding Officer.

This is the GALDAN SECTOR. It is positioned at 0368, in the middle of the CARINA stellar arm of the galaxy. It lies on the 'northern' border of Cardassian space. At Warp 9.95+, it is six weeks from Earth. It is Federation territory, but only nominally so, especially since the fleet depletion of the Dominion War. It is lightly patrolled, when it is patrolled at all.

Within the GALDAN SECTOR, there is one system of note. It is a main sequence G star, KALVAR GATE. It was so named because it stands at the start of a rather busy stretch of space that runs outward to unexplored space. The system has eleven planets, an unprecedented three of which are habitable; KG-3 is a class M, KG-4 is class O and KG-5 is class L with M potential. There are three Terraforming colonies currently being settled on it. KG-3, 4 and 5 each have several human colonies on them, and KG-3 is building STARBASE MAGELLAN right now; it is half completed. Unfortunately, the KALVAR GATE system has now also been claimed by a race with whom first contact was established by the Federation ten years ago, the Ehrud. The Ehrud did not claim KALVAR GATE until recently, first allowing the Federation to settle it and survey it. It appears that they now do so for obvious reasons; KG-2 (class A) and KG-6 (class P) are both rich in dilithium-2 and dilithium-3 and in the metals that tend to run with them; gold, platinum, and latinum.

The Federation is sending USS SOVEREIGN under Captain Anne West to treat with the Ehrud at KG-3 to settle the problem. SOVEREIGN will take a negotiating team with them as well. My orders are clear; once we get to our co-ordinates, we've been given, we wait. In order to get to these co-ordinates, we are to use stealth mode, and maintain signal silence. We are to be there, but we are not to let anyone know we are there. Hence the reason for the ship wide external communication blackout, the stealth mode, and the modified use of sensors.

Our orders are to reach these co-ordinates undetected and patrol the area, maintaining stealth mode. Clearly it is to provide some security for the USS SOVEREIGN's diplomatic mission. What we've not been told is what to expect, and what I'm to do if the expected or unexpected happens.

We were to depart from DS23 and take a three hour cruise at warp eight, on a course that would take us on a "y-axis" cruise above the plane of the galaxy, into empty space. I've already bent that order slightly and delayed starting until we were outside DS23 long range sensors. We are now on route and will reach the co-ordinates in about 1.8 hours. We are to maintain signal silence in a stealth mode. Once we reach those co-ordinates, we alter course to the GALDAN sector, parabolic to the KALVAR GATE system and Ehrud home space. The trip will take several days at warp 9.99 is we use subspace acceleration vectors. We maintain full signal silence and stealth running the entire time. Our EM-dampening tiles on the hull should make detection harder. We then wait.

In view of the are we've been told to patrol, it is not difficult to analyse what the Federation thing MIGHT happen. It would seem that any Ehrud delegation would travel though one of two routes to reach the KALVAR GATE system. The area we are to patrol is a point where these two routes converge. If anything turns up whilst we are waiting, it seems most likely that it will be representatives of the Ehrud.

Mission Summary