The Eccia/Descendants of Venoja

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Venojan Crest
House Venoja's Crest

The Venoja were the most mysterious of the El-Aurian Eccia Houses. They followed the word of transcending through observation and learning, but believed that such things should not be taught to others; they kept their secrets within their own house. They sometimes took vows of silence or, in extreme cases, cut out their tongues entirely. Their clan leader, known as the Silent Sister, traditionally never spoke in public.

Their goal was enlightenment through the realization of self. They believed the ability to transcend existed in El-Aurians by nature, but could only be reached by those who entered into the correct mental state.

While sometimes discounted by outsiders as the passive house, the reality was they maintained their power through a complex dance of alliance and information trade. They observed both of their rival houses closely, though by the end of the El-Aurian world they had come to be more closely allied with the Cantavi due to the Cantavi’s emphasis on progress.