The Eccia/Descendants of Tenera

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Teneran Crest
House Tenera's Crest

The House of Tenera was perhaps the strictest of the three Eccia houses, with a creed of ‘Tradition, Tutelage, Transcendence’. They believed one could achieve transcendence through the old ways of the El-Aurians and kept to a strict hierarchy and religious structure. The Second and Third houses often clashed over their opposing ideals, but the Tenera were by far the more diplomatic of the two, cultivating a house of teachers and speakers. They were the most favored house by the other El-Aurians, as on the surface they showed a calm and dignity that contrasted their sister houses.

They believed that their Goddess, Tenera, had learned her ability from her forefathers; thus they hunted through the history of their people and looked back, rather than forward.

Under their peaceful exterior, however, they had degraded over the millennia as the others had - their peaceful notions firmly underlined with a dangerous zealotry by the time the Borg arrived. They were by far the House with the biggest emphasis on maintaining the caste and nobility structure of the Eccia, and they shed blood to ensure it. Change had gone from being something only undertaken when it could be argued for to something corrupting and divergent from their Path.