The Eccia/Descendants of Cantavi

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Cantavi Crest
House Cantavi's Crest

With a creed of “Innovation, Inspiration, Improvement”, the Cantavi were an El-Aurian House focused on the betterment of thought and technology, with the goal of transcending the mortal form through enhancing the mind and body past what evolution had allowed. Millennia ago this took the form of discovery and vast scientific progress; in El-Auria’s last era of high tech starships and interstellar commerce and travel, this began to degrade into a creed of progress for its own sake and an ideal of being better than their competition.

They bred an environment of ruthless corporate business, spying, blackmail, assassination, and immense wealth. Their relentless drive towards improvement put them at the forefront of El-Aurian technological development by the time the Borg came, their specialties being in starships, cyberwarfare, robotics, and cybernetics. Their ethical creed was always malleable at best, and they carefully kept a lid on the practices of their research labs.

Cantavi-born nobles had personal defense and attack robots, known valiantly as Guardians or Vanguards. These were incredibly common and bound to their charge though the user's cybernetic enhancements. They took many forms, with the Daughter having several that amounted to battleships in their own right.

Their most famous invention is the Obbligato class sloop, a large ship that can be controlled by a single mind. What possibilities it could have led to remain unknown, as it was shortly after it was created that the Borg came.