The Dying of the Light (Gorkon)

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2401, Episode 24
The Tyrellian Sector Saga
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2401 The Dying of the Light
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The Dying of the Light

  • Stardate 240103.21 to Present

The Gorkon has arrived at Depot 39, a secret Starfleet installation hidden inside a nebula. The facility has experienced an unusual crime; a high-ranking officer has stolen classified items and fled, leaving absolute chaos in his wake. As neutral parties experienced in dealing with unusual situations, the Gorkon’s crew has been called in to assist base staff in investigating the theft.


Depot 39

  • Theft: A ship of some kind has been stolen, according to an eyewitness. However, the databases containing all the information on the ships and items stored in the depot have been corrupted, and exactly what is missing is currently unknown.
  • Sabotage: To facilitate the theft, Johnson (and accomplices, perhaps) has sabotaged several areas of the station, taking some systems offline, disrupting others, and booby trapping yet more.

New Cyndriel

  • Lost to the Borg: New Cyndriel, originally a peaceful colony of some many millions, a popular destination for sunseekers, outdoorists, and artists who came to enjoy its unspoiled beaches, forests, and landscapes. Now assimilated by the Borg, and the shell of its former beauty. Instead dull, polluted and sickly looking.

Notable Characters

So far:

  • Commodore Daffyd Johnson
    • A human man in his late 50s/early 60s with greying auburn hair, pale, freckled skin and blue eyes. He is a well-regarded Starfleet officer with a career spanning over thirty years, trusted to oversee one of Starfleet’s most secret facilities. He has two children, a son and a daughter.
  • Captain T’Veran
    • A Vulcan woman of unknown age, with soft, gentle features and tawny skin. She has a respectable, if mostly administrative, career. She was last seen midway through her normal shift, several hours before the “nighttime” theft.

Mission Summary

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Act One: The Dying of the Light

The Gorkon has divided into four away teams with unique goals and objectives. In Act 1, they must each carefully navigate a station potentially full of booby traps and officers loyal to the charistmatic commodore. With limited information due to the highly secretive nature of Depot 39, it won't be so straight forward. But the end goal is clear: find out who is involved, where they are and why they are involved, so that Johnson and the stolen ship can be tracked down.


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  • Locate (arrest?) the possible accomplice—initial investigations showed that the commander of the facility, Captain T’Veran disappeared several hours before the theft. She and the Commodore were known to be close friends, and she is wanted for questioning.

Arriving at Depot 39 and weary of any traps that they might come across, the team consisting of Neathler, Finch and Whitlock headed towards Captain T’Veran’s quarters to search for any clues where the missing Vulcan was hiding. A half-empty cup filled with a beverage and an abandoned game was all they found at first sight. After the arrival of Sienelis, their investigation revealed some Vulcan blood, some traces of DNA and that one of the latest appointment was with someone with the initials C.P.

They met the exhausted Chief Medical Doctor with those exact initials, in sickbay. It took some persuading before the man confirmed that the blood found was that of Captain T’Veran who also had acquired a medkit from sickbay. Following more leads on the blood, revealed a secret cabinet leading to a hidden passageway. The team entered the passageway, only to find a deadly trapped corridor at the end, which Whitlock activated in his haste. Crossing a horizontal ladder, Sienelis disabled the trap following the shouted instructions from Finch at the other side of the corridor.

It was here that, for a reason still unknown, T’Veran revealed herself to the team and led them to another dark room where they came to the agreement, the team would take the captain to the safety of the Gorkon. Thus T’Veran showed them the way to the cargo bay and its transporter. - by Samira Neathler.


Tahna Meru, Ayiana Sevo, Gnaxac, and Isabelle Basilia investigated the Commodore's tactics on board the station. From physical evidence and logs in the security center, they determined the Commodore had spent months learning and coordinating the station's security response. In tracing a path he might have taken (and despite nearly getting spaced by a trap on the way there) they found a secret room where he'd stashed equipment he intended to use for the heist, including a PADD loaded with a complex virus. In ops, they were able to look into the PADD further, determining it simulated a security breach and gave anyone using the PADD access to the station's computers while they were locked down during the security breach. 

In an attempt to trace other PADDs with the virus on the station and uncover potential accomplices, they made their way to the science wing. There, they found the Commodore had stolen a prototype Molecular Phased Mineral Extractor, which could allow him to steal things without even having to break a lock, and a potentially incriminating data chip. They returned to the Gorkon to confirm their findings. - by Tahna Meru.


  • Repair the damage done—Johnson corrupted computer logs, took systems offline, and possibly left booby traps to enable his escape and cover his tracks. Make the facility safe and secure again.

The repair team of zh’Tisav, Stoyer and Bowers began at the stations main computer core. After finding a monitoring device, they used it’s design to develop a rudimentary program by which to detect the traps left behind by the Commodore. They realized they wouldn’t be able to repair the computer directly, and moved on through the stations dark maintenance corridors.

They safely circumvented one trap, only to set off an explosive one while trying to access a subprocessor, barely making it out alive. After making emergency repairs to the fire supression system as well as the plasma distribution system the team made their way to the stations lounge, where they located another bomb. This time they were able to neutralize the trap and enact some much needed repairs.

Their quest to repair the station next led them deeper into the station to the shuttlebay deck. Two of the stations personnel followed them there, trapping them on malfunctioning gravity plating. They confronted the suspicious pair, learning they were following them on the Commodores orders, andtook them into custody. One was sent to the Gorkon’s brig while the second remained as the teams “minesweeper.” They continued fighting through the Commodore and his lackey’s traps to finish their repairs by restoring the main computer to a functional state. - by Vylaa zh'Tisav


"After our time on Depot 39, our intrepid heroes have put right some of Johnson’s sabotage and discovered some of his plans. Alas, but too late—the Gorkon arrives just a fraction too late to stop him using his temporal device. Caught in its wake, they watch the universe change in front of their eyes into one conquered entirely by the Borg." The Federation is gone, and the Gorkon is the last bastion of a time which never happened. In this interlude, the crew must process and reconcile their new reality, in different locations across the ship.

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Act One: The Dying of the Light

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