The Drum

The Drum is the Officer's Lounge on board the USS Drake. It is located on Deck 3.

The Name

"The Drum" was taken from a stanza of a poem entitled "Drake's Drum" by Sir Henry Newbolt.

Take my drum to England, hang et by the shore, Strike et when your powder’s runnin’ low; If the Dons sight Devon, I’ll quit the port o’ Heaven, An’ drum them up the Channel as we drummed them long ago.

The inspiration for and subject of this poem was the snare drum emblazoned with Sir Francis Drake's coat of arms which he took with him when he circumnavigated the world. Shortly before his death he vowed that if England was in danger, someone should beat the drum and he would return to defend the country.[1]


The Drum is styled with a terran pub-atmosphere, evoking various eras in English History. On one wall hangs a tile with an irish harp painted on. One wall bears the facade of stonework while the other three mimic cherry wood. Set in the stonework wall is a viewscreen that creates the illusion of a fire burning on the hearth. Along the walls are various knicknacks, mostly from England and Ireland, along with two dartboards, framed paintings, and an old map of the United Kingdom. The floor is covered in maroon carpeting and the tables and chairs are all crafted from solid Oak wood. In one corner, set forward enough from the wall for shelves behind it and a person to walk, is a wooden bar and nearby is a replicator. Hanging from the wall is a chandelier crafted from iron and brass and holding twelve lights in the shape of candles. Adorning the perimeter, highlighted in brass and gold, are images of depicting an ancient Terran hunt. Appearing to be racing, more than fleeing, are noble stags and does embossed in gold, and foxes and hares embossed in copper. Pursuing them are images of riders racing through the trees, bearing an aura of pride and purpose.


The current proprietor, who was responsible for the renovation is Gav. He is assisted by Krogg.