The Devil's Expanse (Gorkon)

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2394, Episode 8

The Tyrellian Sector Saga
Gorkon Mission History
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2393 A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
2394 Old Hatreds · The Silver Function · The Devil's Expanse · Telutho'kai
2395 Hvei'khenn · Sweet Dreams Are Made of This
2396 The Njörðr Incident · Operation Sea Devil · Together in Electric Dreams
2397 Serpent Heart, Flowering Face · Welcome to Dinosauria · Operation Q-Ball
2398 What Do Boys Dream · The Pelian Brief
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2401 The Dying of the Light
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The Devil's Expanse

  • Stardate 239409.17 to 239411.01

Upon suffering a dire shutdown of the Quantum Slipstream Drive mid-flight, the USS Gorkon found itself in the midst of The Roman Expanse, and at the mercy of an energy-hungry creature residing there.


  • The Roman Expanse: An expansive nebula outside of Romulan space. Disruptions in sensors and communications are likely, caused by internal plasma storms, electrokinetic storms and electrodynamic turbulence.

Plot Elements

  • Quantum Slipstream Drive: The Gorkon's slipstream drive encountered a failure mid-flight and landed the vessel in the midst of the Roman Expanse.
  • The Roman Expanse: A supernova remnant, probably with a pulsar at its core. Constantly shifting interior; impossible to map and difficult to navigate. Filled with plasma storms, electrokinetic storms and electrodynamic turbulence. So dangerous that Starfleet limits its exploration and scientific surveys to unmanned probes, half of which end up declared lost.
  • The Derelict Ships: An unspecified number of derelict ships, some ancient, mostly Romulan, littering the Roman Expanse, including a 22nd century Romulan Bird of Prey.
  • USS Phoenix: A derelict vessel in the heart of the Roman Expanse. Excelsior class.

Notable Characters

  • Seraphim: Amorphous blobs that can take on the form of a Human, although a faceless one. Responsible for sabotaging the ship and refusing to allow the QSD or warp drive to be repowered. It is understood they emit tetryon particles.
  • Romanus Spatium Satanum: A solanogen-based life form, 2.2 kilometres in width, similar to the Terran aquatic starfish in appearance, with five distinct tentacle-like arms, measuring 700 metres in length. Feeds on tetryon particles, converting photons through a complicated synthesis process.
  • Janus & Pella: Warrant Officers, Cetacean Navigators

Mission Summary

A failure in the quantum slipstream drive leaves the USS Gorkon stranded in the Roman Expanse, notoriously hard to navigate, natural phenomena hampering communication, and electrical storms posing a significant danger to the ship.

The USS Gorkon was returning from shore leave on Earth to its home base in the Tyrellian Sector, when the quantum slipstream drive suffered a catastrophic malfunction. After a short, rough ride, the Gorkon came to a rest light years off course in the Roman Expanse -- a notoriously dangerous nebula.

The USS Gorkon, NCC-82293, trapped in the Roman Expanse nebula, escaped from it and a deadly creature living there. After the Gorkon suffered catastrophic quantum slipstream drive failure, teams around the ship worked on various methods to escape. A team on the bridge, consisting of Lt Commander Trellis Vondaryan, Lt Commander Eerie — whose own shuttle crashed in the Expanse and was found on the USS Phoenix — Ensign V’Rall, Lieutenant Caedan Nkai, Ensign Valesha Sienellis and Captain Walter Brunsig, analyzed the data the away team had gathered from the Phoenix. They discovered that a creature lived in the nebula and fed on energy. They also discovered a way to harm the creature, and, with the help of another team, were able to see it.

Petty Officer Second Class Isabella Wasserman, a scientist assigned to xenobiology, described the being within the nebula.

“[It looked like] a huge — and I mean massive — five-pointed starfish, but with tentacles,” said Wasserman. “The tentacles alone were twice as long as the Gorkon. If the thing had had a mouth it could have sucked us in through two teeth.”

A team comprised of Admiral Quinn Reynolds, Lieutenant Commander Ayiana Sevo and Ensigns Tasha MacFarlane, Yiggtissi and Kyso Nohx built a neurogenic field to use telepathy to contact the Faceless Intruders, later dubbed Seraphim, who had previously thought to be attacking the ship. The Seraphim were shapeshifters who also lived in the Expanse and tried warning ships away, playing zookeeper to the starfish. They communicated telepathically and were trying to help the Gorkon escape, providing them with engineering plans for a device that would make the dark-matter starfish visible and also with a route through the nebula.

A third team in engineering consisting of Lieutenant Cory Stoyer, Lieutenants JG Jocelyn Marshall and Sera zh’Aella worked on repairing the warp core. They succeeded, making the ship ready to flee once the creature had been dealt with. Also integral to the escape was a final team, led by Captain Nugra and comprising Commander Alucard Vess and Ensigns Emilia Krugol and Elias Burke, who built and launched the flashlight device.

With all the components in place, the flashlight showed the creature, the bridge fired weapons, and engineering fixed warp long enough to allow the Gorkon to escape.

“I was a little worried about those tentacles,” Wasserman said, “but I didn’t have any doubt we would make it.”

Written by Trellis Vondaryan

Mission Reports

REV SD 239704.09