The Deafening Silence (Gemini)

Dakota-icon1.gif       "Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has
the courage to lose sight of the shore."

- André Gide

USS Gemini
Dakota Class
The USS Gemini

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The Deafening Silence

"After escaping a deadly subspace anomaly, the USS Gemini under the command of Captain Liam Frost arrives in sight of Prometheus Station. Their mission is to discover why the station has gone silent, and whether it has a connection to the catastrophic phenomena that have recently cropped up across the sector."

Mission location and Stardates

Prometheus Station, Piktar System
239104.22 - 239105.18

Mission Data

  • Status update 239104.22

The Gemini has escaped the subspace anomaly that kept her trapped, not without damage. Nonetheless, the bruised and battered crew arrive in sight of Prometheus Station and prepare to complete their mission.

An away team led by Commander Blair boards the station after having punched a hole in the outer hull. They find the station fully powered and operational... but seemingly deserted.

  • Status update 239104.25

While onboard the Gemini, the crew try their best to mitigate the damage and get more information on the station, the Away Team goes from one surprising find to another. The station is not as empty as it seems, and ghostly apparitions roam the corridors just before vanishing a few second after. Furthermore, it seems that the scientists of the station were conducting illegal research on subspace weaponry... and that the Gemini's recent woes have been caused by one of their prototypes.

  • Status update 239105.02

The Away Team has found a survivor. Lieutenant Tracy explains that the station has suffered a catastrophic accident involving a tachyon experiment, that has phased the rest of the crew out of existence. Furthermore, one of the experimental reactors has been damaged, and there is a risk of critical tachyon containment failure. In light of the situation, Commander Blair takes a difficult decision: they will try to replicate the feat that enabled the USS-Gemini to escape a subspace the anomaly, and collapse subspace round the station, erasing it and the threat it represents from our dimension. After having ordered the Away Team to retreat to the Gemini, Commander Blair volunteers to stay behind to put his plan into motion.

  • Status update 239105.18

Using a super-critical subspace field, the USS-Gemini has annihilated the majority of the station, and the hazard it caused, and prepares to limp back to DS10. However, the ship has suffered once more from the effects of the detonation, and the arrival of a new doctor onboard is a welcome sight. Nevermind the fact that she has been dead for some time.