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The Dawning

The Dawning

by His Grace Nuren Aadi

It was a moment of struggle; a season of fury; a time when all seemed lost, and the people wept for their children.

From a distant star, a figure of nature took pity on the people, and made its appearance known in a dream, dreamt by a male of good statue, whose chosen female would soon give birth.

It whispered so that the male could comprehend, “I bring a gift for the child of your loins so that he will have the perception needed to save your species.”

The male, wary of the apparition, needed proof of its words, so it assured him that it would attend the birth and give the him a sign of its goodwill.

On the day the conception came to term, it came to attend the female, and its spirit delivered the child, leaving its hue where it laid its hand on the child’s head, and every child thereafter, born to Til'ahn, bore the sign of the gift of perception.