The Cerberas Incident

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Cerberas Incident

  • The SS Cerberas was a Talarian model freighter, sold by the Talarian government into independent (civilian) service about 50 years ago.
  • Crewed by 18 members of the Barzan trade Federation (all dead).
  • The seven bridge crew members were shot execution style at point blank range with disruptors. There was no evidence that the crew was ever working with the terrorists.
  • An antimatter bomb was found on the Cerberas, the bomb was etched with the phrase: Ehlu'eri Merht Ehtea'akhe (Abandoned but Unchanged). It is the calling card of a group called the Resiliency.
  • Ry'van Alstred's communication signal to the cloaked terrorist ship was being relayed off the SS Dawnbreaker, a civilian transport vessel.
  • It is heavily suspected that there was a terrorist member on the Dawnbreak's passenger manifest.